A Visit To Chic Pop

Somehow it was a stroke of luck that I didn’t attend the Hennessy Artistry since I heard it was jam packed.

Hur, I woke up at the crack of dawn… ok just kidding, it was only at 8am. The reason? to perform my weekly chore of cleaning my room and rush out to the Chic Pop bazaar at Zouk, KL. Surprisingly I arrived TOO early, public transportation gets too efficient at times XD;; Signed up at the entrance booth, received some samples and rushed inside for a quick look. Lecka-lecka was at the entrance but there was no ice-cream at their booth =w=;; guess I was too early.

Za and The Body Shop samples =D

I’m just itching to rant about the behavior of the vendors. They seriously need to be educated on basic customer service. Have they been communicating through emails too often till they’ve forgotten how to serve customers face to face? Normally when a customer approaches and browses through the shop or booth in this case, the salesperson either:

a) Looks at you and smile
b) Say hi
c) Ask ‘What are you looking for?’ or
d) ‘How can I help you?’

Well most of them picked the option d) Ignore or e) Talk to partner. If it’s just one or two I can just let it slide and curse silently but I’m talking about EVERY. SINGLE. BOOTH that I visited =.= and I’m not even including the ones who were busy setting up. So it didn’t take me long to cover the bazaar. The lighting was just too dim to browse for clothes. In a way, I’m lucky enough to be saving money I guess.

Even though I said, I wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting, I was the first to be there. *facepalms* Oh hail efficient public transportation which only works on Sunday mornings XD;;

Jared in my sunnies.

Sausage fest at TMNK’s new house was awesome =D. Been ages since I’ve attended outings like this :3


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