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Starting my post with a cat provides me with inner peace *gets smacked*. That’s what I need for the weekend =( Will have to work this Saturday but thank god my manager is understanding enough to let me off the weekends for the month of November. I really enjoy work but after giving out the wrong drinks to a few people, having the jugs topple on me and breaking a plate in a span of 2 days, yes my mood went down the drain for the rest of the week.

Social Life
Hurrrr someone dissed me about not keeping in contact with him for months and then shoved a survey up his nose XD;; I admit I haven’t made any attempts to keep my social life on MSN active. With the amount of events, work and assignments I attend to, I hardly talk to people on MSN. I talk to an average of…. 4 people out of the 300 contacts on my list. Sad me yeah but I’d really like a conversation without it dying after 15 minutes so if I’m not confident enough to keep the convo going, I’ll normally wont chat D8 so hit me.

Yesh I’ve been attending events lately. The perks of signing up for random crap you don’t remember doing haha. The downside is you’ll have to endure them trying to sell you their packages and some of them really do hard selling and one of them is Marie France Bodyline >_> I was cornered and thrown into a cell then the consultant shoved me with their Open House package. Next week attending Dermalogica’s launch of their new range which is catered to the younger people~ aged 15-25.

Uni Related JackShit
To say my uni life is so-so would be an understatement of the century… The day I say that would be the day I hack myself to death. My advisor is really being a pain as I have a few chapters with him which hasn’t been approved. I have never been so grateful to purchase some book which I thought would be useless. Some journalist linked my area of research to the agenda-setting theory which is explained in the book, hooray~ The place is just full of simpletons and two-faced people. I guess I can stand two-faced people but the other… *facepalms* I think some of you guys have seen how much they lack…

Love Life
This is for Sylvene lol. I feel like we’re drifting apart with our schedules and his marriage to his boss. As much as I’d like to be obviously upset, it won’t solve anything so… meh. Bertahanlah aku.

And I ban you from dating me wearing this shirt. It’s not a matter of whether I’m embarrassed or not. The shirt is just unfit to be worn out >_>


It’s Christmas in Dior

Last Saturday I attended the Dior Christmas Party. It was more of a launch of their latest collection: Cristal Boreale Collection for Holiday 2009. For Christmas 09, Christian Dior collaborated with Swarovski House to create the star product of this collection using the legendary Aurore Boréale crystal : “Cristal Boréal”

An oval shaped pendant adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals and 4 of them are Aurore Boréale crystals. Of course, this isn’t just a necklace to be worn. Inside the pendant contains a crystal effect gloss. Sadly because of its mirror surface, I couldn’t get a nice picture of the necklace without the words looking as though it’s appearing twice.

The whole range of their Cristal Boreale collection.

The participants were all treated to makeovers using the latest Cristal Boreale Collection.

Refreshments by San Francisco Coffee House~

Hands on demonstration by one of the Dior make up artist followed by a Q & A session.

The event was pretty cozy and the make up artists were super friendly. We also received a door gift which was a trial set of Dior’s HydraLife range and I got their IconicShow mascara from their lucky draw~

Review: Bio-Essence Eye Bag Vanishing Mask

An intensive mask specially targeted to treat sagging and puffy eye bags, wrinkles and crow’s feet.In just 1 mask, visible initial results of firming and lifting of eye bags can be seen. Regular usage can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. (

My first impression of Bio-Essence was that it catered to old women D: but I soon discovered myself holding a combo pack of the gold and silver bottle of Bio-Essence on my right arm and the receipt of my purchase on my left. This happened 2 years ago when I was worried how I’d look in photos when I cosplay, so out of fear, I went to purchase this. Shit expensive like duh but I heard many good comments about this product especially if both essence and serum used together. The masks came in free together with the combo pack. 

What caught my eyes immediately was not the brand nor the mask name but the claim of visible results after the one mask. I’ve been dying to post my review on it but stuff kept coming up XD;; I tried the mask last Saturday since I had 2 makeovers in one day and I thought my eyes could use some pampering after all that make up. 

I felt some tingling during the 15 minute treatment. It’s a change compared to other masks but the million dollar question is whether is there visible results after the first try =D After I removed the mask and massaged the remaining essence onto my face, took a look at the mirror and saw my eye bags have slightly reduced =D Didn’t bother to check more as I was darn sleepy x_x but I can tell you it’s one product that works =)

Of Chopping Dicks and Skinning Balls

The title for today makes me feel like an evil person with a job that is both cruel and awesome. Of course, this title is a lot more interesting than me telling you I cut and peel hundreds of carrots and oranges twice a week so hit me XP. Initially this was suppose to be another review entry but there is more important news~ Taken from Anime News Network.

Manga creator Kazuya Minekura has launched her Saiyuki Ibun historical adventure series in the 11th issue of Ichijinsha‘s Zero Sum Ward magazine on Wednesday. According to Minekura in a July 16 blog entry, Saiyuki Ibun recounts how a man grew up to become the pivotal character Kōmyō, years before the first Saiyuki storyline.

Minekura had stated in a May 2 blog entry that her next series will be the final act of Saiyuki. However she had since downplayed that statement in a later July 12 entry. In that entry, she said that she will launch a series called Saiyuki Reload Blast in Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine in December. Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine is another Ichijinsha publication; it had serialized the Saiyuki Reload manga until its end in June.

Omg it’s like a dream come true but at the same time, I’m wondering whether Saiyuki will EVER end. I’ll go grab a copy of Zero Sum just to check it out. I can’t understand shit any Jap but what the heck XD I highly doubt this will be scanlated and if it will be, it’ll take months before it’ll be released. My favorite is still Saiyuki Reload among all the series =D Chuang Yi, I’m still waiting for the rest of Reload manga! *shakes them*

Launch Hairy Birthday Makeover!

Because I have no better title to give for this entry XD and to make it sound more wrong, I’ve removed the commas and surprisingly the title somehow makes sense lol! 

My Saturday started very early around 9am. Had to wake up early for the Dior launch at KLCC. I’ll post a much more detailed report once I extract the pics from Audrey’s camera but overall, the launch was good =D There was a makeover session for all of us with refreshments included thanks to San Francisco Coffee Malaysia. The perks of going to a launch? Door gifts and very kind SA’s =P

A set of Dior’s HydraLife skincare range.

and a 4ml Dior Iconic mascara I won from a lucky draw =D

After the launch, I rushed to Jonathan’s house to pick Jared’s spares which could last him a lifetime. Just kidding… they were only rambutans =D Met his dog too which is a fat bundle of joy.

Fatfat girl ❤

Didn’t manage to get my assignment paper back since I couldn’t stop molesting the dog and Ezel was calling ;w; so rushed to MidValley for a superbly late lunch with Ezel and his sekret date. Delicious is officially overrated to my tummy now =/. I’ve only ate there 3 times but I find the food just so-so. The portions are small and might get you bitching the moment they serve it but they’re very filling. I was surprised at how full I was after eating my miserable slab of lasagna. 

Plenty of time before our movie so I dragged Jared all around MidValley looking for my crap XD;; Yesh and we finally watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs X3 which was a very filling movie XD;;; Before we left, went to the Estee lauder roadshow for my touch up HAHA! Awesomeness for having 2 makeovers in one day XD

Road to Bangsar was effing jam but we made it with free parking~ Dinner was..

New York Fish & Chips at Fish & Co., Bangsar Village I

For RM10.90, this dish is damn worth every single cent =D cuz it’s fish stuffed with cheese~ An average Fish and Chips at those coffee shop stalls already costs RM9.90 onwards. Pics of Masako’s birthday is in Audrey’s camera sadly D:

CLEO November 09

Some interesting freebies/offers I found in the magazine =D

  1. Anna Sui Rock Me perfume redemption is still on so grab a copy and flash it to their selected outlets and get a sample plus a fragrance consultation (wtf)
  2. Vichy Bi-White essence and night cream samples. Just cut out the coupon and redeem. It’s the same offer as last month’s issue =D
  3. Dermalogica Clean Start trial pack. Yay something new~ Another cut-out coupon and redeem at AsterSprings or Leonardo Drake outlets.
  4. M.A.C Rocks Fashion workshop. Hur, a very affordable workshop limited to only the first 25 people that sent in entries complete with payment. It’s not too late to sign up as the magazine only came out yesterday =D Entry fee is only RM30 so go try your luck if you’re a M.A.C fan =D. I don’t think I’ll be joining since my face hasn’t really agreed with M.A.C’s products so far.
  5. Mabelle Travel Size Cleanser. Cut-out coupon~ Don’t know the brand so will probably do some research on it first before I redeem it. Kinda far =/ as their outlet is in Sunway Pyramid.
  6. Montagne Jeunesse. Yes they’re giving out samples again, wonder what I’ll get this time =D Really hope it’s not another face tonic XD

Yes this is finally a proper update of my day TwT9

Separation of Life and Reviews

I’ve decided to separate entries about my life and my reviews. It feels more organized to me. The whole week I had a black cloud of thunder hovering over me. Honestly to me, backstabbing is the least of people’s problems as much as they hate them. I for one don’t give a fuck about people backstabbing me. In fact, I’d love to see what stupid stories people can come up about me. If you’re one of my close friends and you take whatever people said about me to heart and you start to evaluate me based on what a stranger says about your close friend, I suggest you gtfo now. I trust you of all know how to differentiate between right and wrong.

What I hate the most is people forming their own conclusions without confirming with the main source. It’s a pity you do not understand the sole reason I’m upset but you don’t care as long as you’ve already got what you want don’t you? You don’t even have the balls to come up to me and confront me. Instead, you think it’s better to spread it around as a joke. Well, it’s a plus point I’m making people laugh I guess. 

On another topic entirely, what are the chances of changing my car hon to something as loud as those big lorries or tankers? I’d like to have one D: cuz I think the current sound of my honk is just like having a kid squealing to adults to move aside D: Car’s don’t take me seriously TwT and it got me pissed when they cut me and not moving any faster =A= I was having this bitchy attitude the whole day honking at any car/lorry that annoyed me.

Today I also witnessed something that can put all humankind to shame =( I saw this blind man crossing the road and another sighted man just walked past by him. He even GLANCED behind and there’s no mistake he saw the blind fella but the sighted one just kept crossing the road omg… I was stupid to have just sat rooted in my car thinking that guy will help him cross the road. Thank gods the motorcycles on the zebra crossing moved aside, it’ll hurt like a bitch if his leg touches the exhaust pipe. 

Will be going for the Dior launch event, so at least I’ll have something happy to blog about together with Bio-Essence review.

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Mask

Ignore the previous post as it was about my rambles off parents =(. Been annoying me for the past few weeks and it was the last straw this morning. At Sherry’s request, I’ve decided to try and write my review about the Tea Tree Facial Mask from The Body Shop. So… *rummages for the sample* there we go.

Leave skin feeling deeply cleansed and refreshed with an instantly cooling mask that helps remove impurities and absorb excess oil while soothing and calming blemish-prone skin. Copypasta from their main site as usual.

Apply the green gook onto your dry and cleansed face. Since I wanted to see the long term effects of this mask (and because I’m a stingy bitch too!), I’ve only applied onto my T-zone and chin area which are acne prone spots. Use a brush for hygiene purposes. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and enjoy the cooling minty sensation~ The only plus point for using cream/clay masks instead of paper masks is that you can walk around doing your chores while paper masks pretty much confines you to your bed giving you the best 20 minutes nap ever.

Not much difference can be seen from the mask treatment other than the enjoyable treatment session. I can’t vouch for the ‘absorbing excess oil’ statement as mentioned on the main site as their facial wash already did the trick. I’m still wondering whether clay masks are more cost effective than paper masks.

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More Hauls

Samples from my Tuesday haul =D

I definitely try not to miss out on Bobbi Brown’s makeover X3 cuz their makeup really looks natural on my skin, hiding most of my disastrous pimples at the same time. Really loved the mini makeover done by Nicole. The makeover only consists of the SA testing foundation shades on your face then handing you the sample but she added blusher and creamy lipstick on my face too! ❤ 

Before I left, dropped by Kiehl’s to pick up a sample from the Sunflower range but they ran out so I asked for any shampoo suitable for damaged hair and they recommended me the Olive Fruit Oil range =D

The Tea Tree Facial Wash sample I got from The Body Shop is starting to show results ❤ There’s less redness around the areas with pimples :3 so chances of me buying the product is high plus I’ll get a surprise gift if I bring back the sample jar ❤

Still Walking Down The Road of Rotten Luck

As if my luck isn’t bad enough, today I couldn’t get my car to start D: so my plans to head to the DBKL clinic before college was screwed. Hope the mechanic will arrive in time tomorrow since I have to get to the clinic urgently before my supervisor skins me alive for delaying this. 

There’s lots of things I wanna blog about but I can’t extract the pictures out of my camera and phone TwT. Gonna highlight here just for my reference:

  • TheHAYAN @ Jaya One
  • NekoNekoLand
  • Freebie haul (as usual)

I hate when people deal with things without thinking. Another month or so of torture and it’ll be over, I just have to suffer until then. freebies shall keep me alive and happy D8…. I hope.

Fashion rants! Been ages I posted something cute up.

Chevron Tunic Dress from DoubleWoot. Lovely motives and the patterns on this purple dress looks so beautiful ❤ Only thing stopping me from buying is the dress length. I’d really hate to chop the length of such a pretty dress.

Ed hardy bikinis me like 8D. I started liking stuff from Ed Hardy after I saw some blog selling their sunnies. Bikini from Bikini Republic. Around RM60-80. 

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