Fun With Dermalogica Treatment

Today I went to redeem my face mapping and microzone facial treatment at AsterSpring, KLCC. The place was clustered together with other beauty centers so it’s tough competition =D. Sylvene joined at the very last minute after shaking out enough details from me in the midst of her revision >D

Our appointment was set at 5.30pm and we were shocked to find out that we were suppose to present some form of e-coupon that is sent through SMS and a few more procedures which was not specified in the website =( but did they shoo us away?

Nope 8D

We continued through the skin consultation and analysis then proceeded to the treatment room for our facials. I am happy to announce that the Garnier moisturising essence works like a charm =D. During my skin consultation at Clinique, Fiza said my skin was horribly dry which prompted me to get the essence in the first place, now the consultant from AsterSpring said my skin hydration level is fine! XD

Very spacious center. It’s 11 000 square feet big @_@

In the treatment room, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated. Then a layer of mask and I was left for a short nap XD;;. After washing off the mask then a layer of toner together with moisturiser then tadda ur done! =D Oh wait I forgot, she gave me a short scalp massage too lol. The Dermalogica products smell a lot like a hospital D8 but the rooms are really nice and comfy, so are the blankets 8D;; The consultant was really gentle with my face and pointed out the areas on my face that is congested, full of black heads, dry skin etc.

Even though it was a very short session, I really enjoyed myself and true to their word, they did not push us to buy anything. For a beauty center located at KLCC, the prices for their facials honestly don’t differ much compared to your local salons. Facials start from RM168 and can go up to RM600.

Rushed back to Kl Sentral to get my waxing done. I seem to entertain the beautician when I comeover to wax since I get into laughing fits when she slides the wax on my underarm =/ Todays wax seem to be double duty stuff cuz feels like my new and dead skin cells got ripped off all together D8 Now the area is horribly sensitive *winces*


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