Embarassing Moments #4

The whole conversation was carried out in Cantonese during the first day of my examinations. Was buying my breakfast from the aunty selling meehoon and chee cheong fun.

Aunty: So, exams started already?
Me: Yep, first paper =D
Aunty: When is your last paper?

At this point I was suppose to say 3 weeks, I knew how to say 3 but I was still figuring how to say weeks in Cantonese D8 so what came out in the end was

Me: 3 weeks (in English D8)

Oh boy the aunty was definitely not impressed and looked horribly confused so she did the best thing there is…. which is to walk away ;_;

So I asked Audrey when I dropped by her place after that paper… ‘lei bai’, ‘lei bai’, lei bai’ *chants*

In other news, my biker jacket is on the way and tomorrow I shall blog about my Bentong trip. Upcoming posts:

  • Traveling Miles for Miles
  • One Hawt Minute

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