Freebies and Life Updates

This is RM60 D8 It’s a browcake by Inuovi redeemed using some FB voucher I found online XD;; I’m highly interested just for the wax for cosplay purposes.

Bought my Cleo for October and happy to say there’s a b-liv sample for blackheads and a coupon to redeem some Vichy products >D

Decided last night that I’ll stay home instead of attending Anicom so that I can complete my stuffs and hand in to Mr. Raduan by 23rd and hopefully get feedback by 1st October. Hoping to hit 2.5k words for this chapter, I’m only at 1.4 so far I think.

Wonder should I mention about my dream…? Of 600km, snow and triangles.

Plans for the 26th have been confirmed =D
Date: Saturday, 26th September 2009
Venue: Schokolart, Solaris Mont Kiara
Time: 12pm onwards
Budget: RM50 (don’t ask me anymore if I’m paying for your food =P
Stuff to bring: Empty stomach, money and present! *gets smacked* (no honestly, the last thing is optional =D;;)
Guest list:

  1. Victor
  2. Jared
  3. Josh
  4. Ezel
  5. Audrey (T)
  6. Teri
  7. King (E)
  8. Zef (E)
  9. Johnny (E)
  10. Shaun
  11. Patricia
  12. Dusty
  13. Brian
  14. Michy (T)
  15. Joanne (T)
  16. Philip
  17. Jia Chee (T)

To those whom I didn’t extend an invitation to, I hope you guys understand that firstly I’m limiting the number of people to attend cuz I don’t want the place to be too noisy D8 Secondly, the place is not very accessible by public transport and I can’t be the mother to arrange transport for the guests =.=;; since I’m busy with my finals. I’m sorry!!!


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