Unhappy Cat Is Unhappy >(

I went for the Maybelline Lipstick Exchange Programme and guess what? Apparently, I’m suppose to bring a newspaper clipping from The Star which was NOT stated in the Watsons booklet as stated here. Call me anal just cuz I can’t get a freebie but honestly I am not happy wasting my time there to find out I’m suppose to bring a clipping that was not mentioned in the booklet. I’m writing a complaint letter as I’m typing this >( *is very very upset*

Then after my dentist appointment, I dropped by 1Utama to collect my EL and Inuovi sample at Parkson. EL samples were finished but that’s okay since I think I’m too young to experiment and test their Advanced Night Repair serum anyway, just wanted to get it for fun XD;;.

The Inuovi counter…. was EMPTY at 11.46am =_=. Given that the place was empty, but I’d expect all sales assistants for cosmetic counters to be there and prepped by 11.30 >( and honestly that timing is horribly late enough in my books. Instead of glaring at the Parkson ambassador rep and demanding why are the SA’s not around yet (yes a few, almost half of the counters have no SA’s), I left the place telling myself no worries since I can collect the rest of the stuff in Sungei Wang.

Ah, Sungei Wang…… a horrible yet awesome experience. I decided to sit through the karaoke competition and most of us were making faces throughout the competition XD. Most of them were horrified faces and some cried bloody tears haha. Some really sang out of tune, no voice control at all and some were just purely tone deaf D: and they continued to sing right through the end. My personal favorite was the girl who sang Lacrimosa, she definitely did an awesome job and the one who sang Colors is an embarassment to mankind =_=

Dropped by Metrojaya this time to collect my stuff. AGAIN, the counters are EMPTY. 90% of the counters have no bloody SA’s! and it was 7pm. It’s either the cursed Ramadhan month but still, can’t they go in bloody shifts?! By the end of the week, I’m cursing the Ramadhan month to hell. Now for some pampering therapy since I bought my new face mask equipment set.

P.S: Jared pls redeem the stuff for meee TT__TT


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