Boost Of The Day

This is a pure shot wheatgrass served to customers with a slice of orange. Jimmy force fed me this on an empty stomach and it was on a riot and doing jumping jacks throughout the day x_X. It taste really decent and mildly sweet at first but leave a pungent aftertaste and then it starts to mess with your stomach few minutes later which lasts throughout the rest of the day.

Yep it’s my first day at work and I’m happy to say I’m clicking quite well with my colleagues. They’re a bunch of laid back guys and one of them is a banana 8D;; So much temptation working at the bar area as there’s plenty of frozen fruits and yoghurt to make a lifetime supply of desserts for myself XD;; The recipes are… interesting too. Most of the smoothies just require 1-2 pieces of blueberries which is the size of some ear wax >_>;; I tried the mango smoothie with a hint of green tea and it’s really awesome =D

3.04am: erk fell asleep and woke up to 2 gifts on my PC. One from my aunt and one from my mum’s friend, both are Cecelia Ahern books and The Gift is one of them! *squees* Woke up to find that my eye is swollen for some unknown reason so I have less than 3 hours to bring the swelling down or else I’d have to cancel work. *rushes off*


Coffee That Emos

After that 13 hours of sleep, I was just too darn lazy to drag myself out of the house. Woke up at 12 and later on discovered I was too late to go for my Typhoid jab so started to trace back for my blue card from Starbucks only to find out they threw it away >(. My only hope is that the DBKL clinic will print another copy for me D8

Then Jared called so I had to drag my ass out to exchange the dress. Very disappointed that the blue dress was sold out D8 but I had a nice chat with the boss >w</ and I found a nice blue bag XD;; Paid a visit to the Bad Ass Cafe before leaving 8D;;

The Bad Ass menu and lookie~ it’s Donkey~ 8D

The baristas wear Hawaiian looking shirts and go ‘Aloha’ at you when you step in the store.

We ordered the Bad Ass Mocha latte (yeah that was the name) and sat down to have a nice chat <3. The mocha was normal, not much difference compared to Starbucks and Coffee Bean. The only plus is their loyalty programme. 5% off on your 2nd and 3rd visit, 10% off for beverage on 4th and 5th visit and so on. A card will be given and it’ll be stamped on every visit XD;;

The doughnuts are effing huge and fat @A@

Took a peek at the merchandise before we left. There was a nice pink cup, just the right pink color that won’t make you wince XD;;

The Bad Ass tumblers XD;; which costs a hefty RM49 @A@. The designs are very similar to Ed Hardy designs.

Lastly a shirt XD;; This really reminds me a lot of Raving Rabbids XD;;

Have a Bad Ass day. I’m starting work today so hopefully it goes well *w*

It’s A Good Good Night

Yesterday I got a random sms in the afternoon from Sylvene saying she’s got an extra ticket for Arthur’s Day so I changed and joined Teri’s car trip in record speed. Met Jonathan and oh god the amout of trash talk! >A< It’s one of those days where you laugh and squeal till your jaw hurts XD;;

The concert was not bad, I love the company =D and really enjoyed the night 8D.

Today…. hur hur chocolate overdose day. The gathering at Schokolart was awesome. I’m glad everyone manage to mingle around nicely X3 Presents ahoy!

Glow-in-the-dark panty, Lucky cat chime, Russ doggy plushie =D, Maybelline eyeshadow, Loreal Infaillable lipstick, Mamma Mia OST, mini tophat, Kiwi Yoghurt mask, Dan Brown – The Lost Symbol 8D and Roxy business folder. 8D Thank you guys~

Yes this entry seems different compared to my previous ones, less wordy but I’m just to happy to write a lengthy report so have a picture!

Love you sayang ❤

Review: My Scheming Mask Q10 Collagen

Wohoo~ Went to the local night market near my area and spotted a shop selling socks and some masks too! =D Not much choice available but heck it’s cheaper than me ordering from LowYat forums as I don’t order in large quantities. The uncle was selling the masks at 4 for RM11 which is considered cheap =D

Tadaa, Grapeseed, Green Tea, Q10 Collagen and Birds Nest + Collagen.

Since I’m gonna have uber thick makeup on my face soon, I thought of giving my face a serious pampering for the next few days so today I decided to use…

The Q10 Collagen mask~

Says to help give skin elasticity giving you a firm and supple complexion. The packaging is just adorable ❤ Simple and sweet, me like =D and there’s a place for you to tear off the mask pack. What I found most annoying was that I have to peel off the paper before slapping the mask on to my face.

There wasn’t much essence on the mask compared to the Liyanshijia mask, I assume it’s cuz this mask is not a hydrating mask but we’ll see when I get my hands on the ones for hydrating. Another problem I face for paper masks is that they’re too BIG for my face =/ The area to cover the nose, covers half of my mouth too haha.

I realize that this mask can’t be on the face for more than 15 minutes. I normally put my masks on for 20 minutes and by the time I removed this mask, the essence on my cheeks were pretty much drying up. My skin feels more bouncy~ and it absorbed the moisturiser quite easily too =D

Travelling Miles To See Miles

Saturday I was away on a one day trip to Bentong. The place is quite small and very near Bukit Tinggi, a 45 minute drive from Cheras. The travelling part wasn’t that fun as the road was going uphill and downhill, winding left and right @__@ so didn’t take long for me to get sick.

Besides eating till our hearts content, our main reason for going to Bentong is to visit the ex-principal of Taylor’s College, Mr. Ted Miles who took care of my dad when he was in the college. Mr. Miles is now retired and living alone in a house located roughly 5km from Bentong. The sole reason I tagged along is because there were rumors that it’s haunted and someone died in there before haha.

His dogs: Sherry (left), Zara (not in pic) and unknown dog on the right haha.

Oh, did I mention alone? I guess he’s not really alone as he has 3 dogs and 2 cats in his house =D The moment we stepped out, we were greeted by his super friendly dogs, okay only 1 greeted us while the other 2 just stared D8. Zara greeted and jumped all over me so it was difficult to take a picture x_X

In the house, we were greeted by a fat fat fat fat fat cat! *o*;; So chubby and squishable. Got this pic just in time before it scuttled away to sun bathe on the window sill.

Fat cat is FAT ❤

A lot of these chests lying about in the house, imagine how many bodies we can stuff in.

The books here are only the ones you can find in the red spot section at the library @_@

Super old desk at his reading room.

Everything in the house is super old and can cost a fortune if he auctions them. Jared would’ve absolutely loved the place and I can picture him squealing and running around like a little kid if I bring him there lol.

Then of course, pics of nomnom =D

Yam basket

Japanese tofu

Chicken cooked Thai style

Then before we head back to KL, made a pit stop to Bukit Tinggi to see what’s so good about the place. The climb to the Japanese garden is horribly steep.

Steep slope up. Around 300m according to the board and my bro had to support my mum from the back or else she’ll topple over and roll down the slope =.=;;

Nice view =D

The place was so effing crowded with jakun people. It’s humans at every nook and cranny D< All of them were crowding at the houses to see people changing into kimono’s wtf. My yukata looks prettier >3< *gets smacked* I was disappointed as I came up to take photos of the scenery and this is what I get =A=;;

The ONLY photo with no tourist inside…

Then we headed to the French village…

As usual it’s filled with people but I don’t mind since it’s like a town-ish atmosphere and it’d be weird if it’s deserted.


This place looks nice for a Romeo and Juliet photoshoot.

Fun With Dermalogica Treatment

Today I went to redeem my face mapping and microzone facial treatment at AsterSpring, KLCC. The place was clustered together with other beauty centers so it’s tough competition =D. Sylvene joined at the very last minute after shaking out enough details from me in the midst of her revision >D

Our appointment was set at 5.30pm and we were shocked to find out that we were suppose to present some form of e-coupon that is sent through SMS and a few more procedures which was not specified in the website =( but did they shoo us away?

Nope 8D

We continued through the skin consultation and analysis then proceeded to the treatment room for our facials. I am happy to announce that the Garnier moisturising essence works like a charm =D. During my skin consultation at Clinique, Fiza said my skin was horribly dry which prompted me to get the essence in the first place, now the consultant from AsterSpring said my skin hydration level is fine! XD

Very spacious center. It’s 11 000 square feet big @_@

In the treatment room, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated. Then a layer of mask and I was left for a short nap XD;;. After washing off the mask then a layer of toner together with moisturiser then tadda ur done! =D Oh wait I forgot, she gave me a short scalp massage too lol. The Dermalogica products smell a lot like a hospital D8 but the rooms are really nice and comfy, so are the blankets 8D;; The consultant was really gentle with my face and pointed out the areas on my face that is congested, full of black heads, dry skin etc.

Even though it was a very short session, I really enjoyed myself and true to their word, they did not push us to buy anything. For a beauty center located at KLCC, the prices for their facials honestly don’t differ much compared to your local salons. Facials start from RM168 and can go up to RM600.

Rushed back to Kl Sentral to get my waxing done. I seem to entertain the beautician when I comeover to wax since I get into laughing fits when she slides the wax on my underarm =/ Todays wax seem to be double duty stuff cuz feels like my new and dead skin cells got ripped off all together D8 Now the area is horribly sensitive *winces*

Embarassing Moments #4

The whole conversation was carried out in Cantonese during the first day of my examinations. Was buying my breakfast from the aunty selling meehoon and chee cheong fun.

Aunty: So, exams started already?
Me: Yep, first paper =D
Aunty: When is your last paper?

At this point I was suppose to say 3 weeks, I knew how to say 3 but I was still figuring how to say weeks in Cantonese D8 so what came out in the end was

Me: 3 weeks (in English D8)

Oh boy the aunty was definitely not impressed and looked horribly confused so she did the best thing there is…. which is to walk away ;_;

So I asked Audrey when I dropped by her place after that paper… ‘lei bai’, ‘lei bai’, lei bai’ *chants*

In other news, my biker jacket is on the way and tomorrow I shall blog about my Bentong trip. Upcoming posts:

  • Traveling Miles for Miles
  • One Hawt Minute

Freebies and Life Updates

This is RM60 D8 It’s a browcake by Inuovi redeemed using some FB voucher I found online XD;; I’m highly interested just for the wax for cosplay purposes.

Bought my Cleo for October and happy to say there’s a b-liv sample for blackheads and a coupon to redeem some Vichy products >D

Decided last night that I’ll stay home instead of attending Anicom so that I can complete my stuffs and hand in to Mr. Raduan by 23rd and hopefully get feedback by 1st October. Hoping to hit 2.5k words for this chapter, I’m only at 1.4 so far I think.

Wonder should I mention about my dream…? Of 600km, snow and triangles.

Plans for the 26th have been confirmed =D
Date: Saturday, 26th September 2009
Venue: Schokolart, Solaris Mont Kiara
Time: 12pm onwards
Budget: RM50 (don’t ask me anymore if I’m paying for your food =P
Stuff to bring: Empty stomach, money and present! *gets smacked* (no honestly, the last thing is optional =D;;)
Guest list:

  1. Victor
  2. Jared
  3. Josh
  4. Ezel
  5. Audrey (T)
  6. Teri
  7. King (E)
  8. Zef (E)
  9. Johnny (E)
  10. Shaun
  11. Patricia
  12. Dusty
  13. Brian
  14. Michy (T)
  15. Joanne (T)
  16. Philip
  17. Jia Chee (T)

To those whom I didn’t extend an invitation to, I hope you guys understand that firstly I’m limiting the number of people to attend cuz I don’t want the place to be too noisy D8 Secondly, the place is not very accessible by public transport and I can’t be the mother to arrange transport for the guests =.=;; since I’m busy with my finals. I’m sorry!!!

Review: Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask

When King first gave me 2 sachets of this mask, I was intrigued by the self-heating factor. This is the first time I’ve come across a self-heating mask so I didn’t waste any time and tried it on Friday X3.

The mask warms up as it comes in contact with your skin, opening pores and deeply cleanses your skin leaving it purified for up to 7 days. Suitable for most skin types with active ingredients like Zinc, White Clay and Cucumber.

With only 6ml in it sachet, it’s just enough to cover my face =D. There’s no strong smell from the mask which is a plus in my book. As I applied onto my skin with a face brush, I could feel the mask starting to heat up XD;; The good thing about this mask is that you only need to leave it on your face for 3 minutes. This mask is good for people like me cuz once I face the comp with the mask on, everything is forgotten D8 so instead of peeling my masks off after 20 minutes, I peel it after 40mins or so! Another thing I love about this masks is that it rinses off easily compared to other clay masks that I use!

I’ve been raving about how good the masks is but what about the result? After patting my face dry, I took a glance in the mirror. My T-zone is redder than usual =( suffice to say my face felt uncomfortable during the whole treatment neither did it felt purified when I washed the mask off. I shall give it one more chance next week D= but for now I’ll go back to my Tea Tree from D-mask first x_X

Life updates in next entry.

Hair Products~ We Love em~

Since I had a date yesterday, I thought of giving my hair a little treat to keep the curls alive so rummaged through the pouch of samples and dug out the Loreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum that I got from Cleo. What came out of the sachet was some lumpy yellowish stuff unlike what is described in the reviews (yellow cream gel) and there wasnt enough for my hair so I had to mix it with my own Elseve Serum for coloured hair so I can’t really review much =w=;;

Guardian has this hard to resist offer for Tri-Semme shampoo. Buy 1 free 1 for their 900ml bottles and it’s really worth it cuz it’s just RM14 per bottle in this case *o*/ So guess how many I bought?

lolol and it’s not at my expense~

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