We Do Not Fear H1N1~!

I’m surprised I didn’t spend anything on my trip to melaka! 8D (except food). GACC this year brought me back to the old times in CF 2005 where I mingled and made tons of friends like a newbie, oh wait.. I was XD. Then in 2006 till 2008 I was in the comm so there was barely anytime to chat with anyone. Being photographer for once allowed gave me more freedom @_@

Special thanks to Eric for the KL-Melaka ride, Philip for bringing us around T_T (we’re extra baggage orz) and Cuti.com for reserving Kings for us 3 weeks to GACC!! 8D

Now onto kuso photos and the powaa of 15x zoom!

Zoom from Shana’s apartment on the 3rd floor. 3 Golden Retrievers!!! THREE!! And they look so… ‘multiracial’ HAHAHA Cina, Malay and Indian rofl XD

Fazri’s attempt to sell pudding.

The food sold at MMU cafeteria… *stares*… wtf is that =A=;; and it doesn’t look right! X_x

Cute birds we saw at Jonker street! ❤ 15x zoom

Pat’s cotton candy from Candy Mountain~~~ *gets smacked*

The guys keep making weird expressions in photos D8

I think I enjoyed the bonding session at the hotel the most 8D AWSM pipol~~~ Worth the trip and screw you H1N1, you don’t scare me!

Audrey asked me to update my wishlist D8. Here goes:

  • External Harddisk
  • TopShop Glow-in-the-dark chibi monster pantsu! 8D (I’m effing serious! =D)
  • Original MammaMia OST XD
  • Philips Multi-Styler Model: 4696 or VS Sassoon 9 in 1 Multi-Styler or VS Sassoon Waves and Curles Styler VS2090A
  • 5 megapixel digital cam TwT

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