Picking Up The Broken Pieces

Thank you for those who decided it’s best not to comment and for those who gave me encouraging words TwT9

Yes folks, it’s Rice Noodle or more widely known to Malaysians as Chee Cheong Fun. Now available in instant packing to satisfy your midnight cravings! Available at all7-11 stores for only RM3.

Saw that when I went for a mocha break with Zef. Good but expensive yamcha session. We should do it some other time =D. Had an ice-blended drink each and chatted at Coffee Bean. The convo made me realize that I knew a hell lot of people with such shitty attitudes that it’s depressing, really.

Even in uni, I was expecting most of the people to be humble, turns out not so… *stones* Christ, I miss my foundation batch, we were such a union *sniffs* the only part of my education life that I really cherish. Everyone was mature, no one gave any bullshit saying they don’t know how to do their assignment and best of all everyone spoke English. It was a real culture shock when I stepped into my degree =/ Enough sad rants, have an innocent cat.

Spotted as Cash Converters, Subang. Bumped into the asshole, I should really bury that part of my memory despite that huge urge to punch him and make his nose bleed (and I forgot the reason I wanna do that! =D)

My free haul for today! I’m happy cuz I got 2 things I wanted so badly 8D.

First is the Maybelline Eye Studio! I sold my Manly palette so I have no eyeshadow at all and I was half joking to Audrey saying that maybe they’ll give me and eyeshadow this time. Tadaa!!! wish came true~ XD Maybe I should hope they give me a blusher next XD;; Now I can use the eyeshadow for Shana’s wedding dinner *_*V

Second is the Garnier roll-on. I’ve been meaning to get this to reduce my darn eyebags and a good thing I didn’t buy it XD! With all the creams and other stuff from Loreal, my beauty cupboard is gonna burst. I have yet to use the Elseve shampoo they gave in June.

With this freebies and encouragement from my dearest, I shall devote my entire Thursday to 3D Animation! *_*;;;



  1. Naoko said,

    August 7, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Who exactly is giving you all the freebies? They look great!

    • InternalChaos said,

      August 7, 2009 at 8:31 pm

      Loreal~~~ XD Cuz I participated in their consumer panel discussion =D

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