Ipoh Mali Mali~

In a nutshell…. it was a total disaster cuz the traveling ruined my mood a lot =A=. Parents used the trunk road to save money so the driver went thru the super winding one way lane making me feel so uberly car sick during the journey. Reached Pusing for lunch. The spread:-

A lot of stuff in there @@;;


Then we dropped by one of the cake stores with an AMAZING portfolio HAHAHAHAHA. The pictures will explain *sniggers*

Omg this is so liek Jared’s ideal cake ahahahaa

The tiramisu cake we ordered~ very very nice but not worth carting it home from Ipoh. All those photos are taken from their photo album portfolio which they show to the customers ahahah

I didn’t get pics from dinner cuz the food looked so yellow in the photos thanks to the lights, bill came up to RM200+ o_o. There was some Taichi club anniversary at the same time but it looked like some memorial service cuz the deco looked so gloomy ~_~


Nice to start the day with coffee~ (or tea in my case lol)

and Chee Cheong Fun~ *drools*

Right after that, it was lunch at Tasek wtf. The lace is famous for their roast duck and ‘siew yoke’.

So hard to take the pic cuz the sauce was reflecting the light =A=;;

The char siew was good =D

Dinner at Rawang at some random roadside stall.

Har penggggg!!!!! and fried dumpling! XD I miss this crap!!! ❤

More stuff we ordered

All this for 5 people including 15pcs of dumpling and prawn stuff, the total was only RM36 *_* dirt cheap~

Body’s feeling totally stiff after last night, another reason why I hated the trip this time.


Bazaar and Elianto Trolling

I have this weird obsession with the pink jelly they sell at the baazar. This whole week I’ve been going to the baazar and I’ll come back with a pack of jelly which I’ll gobble up before I reach home =A=. It’s like one of the things you just can’t stop eating, just like how I eat Chipsters at an alarming rate >_<

Anyways I’ve really busted my wallet yesterday. RM30 spent on the bazaar just like that so today I went Chinese! On the way home, stopped by Taman Shamelin industrial area to peek at the Elianto warehouse sale.

Recession my foot! Warehouse sales are popping here and there like annoying weeds.

Lots of shower gels, body lotion, body wash and the brightening range for sale. 2 for RM10 is definitely worth it X3

Facial masks~ I thought I’ll be able to get em cheap. Yeah they were cheap but the manufacturing year was 06 =A= omg forget it.

Cheap make up brushes! *screams* But I wasn’t satisfied with the brushes I got from the previous sale. Then again the brushes I got was in a set of 7 for RM55, this time they’re selling individually so the quality should be better right? @@

Eye and cheek palettes but the palette holders were trashed in the bargain corner and they’re totally damaged. The covers were missing for most of them.


Others that they were selling: handbags, shoes (very little variety and mostly for ‘ah sam’), beddings and clothes. I was highly interested in the brushes TwT but poor desu and I don’t need em XD.

Popped by Guardian and saw this facial scrub. Shall try it next month when my allowance comes in 8D

Another interesting product I’ve been tempted to try months ago. First time seeing Schwarzkopf products in pharmacies and looking at the condition of my hair… it’s time to do something! >o<9

Heading to Ipoh tomorrow. Gods, my mum enjoys picking the wrong timing for us =_= *headwalls*

Race Against The Clouds

Yesterday made a spontaneous decision to go to the Taman Melawati baazar since I got sold by the amount of variety there. 3pm I left the house and went to pick Gypsy and Shereen up hoping to beat the jam.

It was drizzling a little, almost to a complete stop XD. Escaped the black cloud in time.

Our first stop…. creme caramelllllll XD

Lots of desserts~ the black looking slob there is blueberry bread pudding.

And omg we saw more cream caramel @A@. There’s like 5-6 shops selling it wtf and no cream caramel at all in my area!

This shop was selling loads of jelly @A@ Name any color, they have it haha!

Lamb~ 😀

There’s like a mass production of ikan bakar @_@

One of the stores that was doing the massive frying.

Shereen’s Lemon Blue drink. We were suspicious how it tasted like. Not too bad and her nails were the exact same color! XD;;

My spicy lala~

Some of the stuff I bought (not in pictures): ikan tenggiri wantan, jelly, samosa daging and ayam, patin tempoyak, and sata ikan. One of the mixed rice stall dared to charge me RM3 for rice and veggie ONLY =A= and had the nerve to tell me RM1 for the rice RM2 for the veggie… ridiculious.

We left the place just in time as there was a really heavy downpour later and the number of cars were piling up along with the people~

Baazar Hunting!

Cat pic taken at 7.30 in the morning XD

Fat fat ulat @A@

Dropped by the ramadan baazar near my area. Despite the dark clouds looming over, it didn’t damped our Malaysian spirit particularly when food is involved =D. Plenty of variety I have to say but I’m craving to go to the baazar at Taman Melawati and I shall do so tomorrow~ =D

It Just Needed a Special Post XD

This special post is dedicated to Sylvene hahahahaa.

Not so pretty since this was all done in Paint XD;; but it was funny watching her so panicky when all the time she was wearing it HAHAHAHAHAH and she was wearing the mask on that day too XD;;


One: I got the job =D

Second: Exam is on 11, 15, 17 and 23 Sept ❤ Woohoo nicely divided XD

Third: Anna Sui yesh I have! XD

Pretty samples! =D


I think I’ve been a real ass to him this week. Sorry.

My HM fashion obsession D8

After watching the Hannah Montana movie, I just can’t stop squealing over her pretty clothes! I never liked her cuz of the retarded things she does in the series and her singing voice ain’t that great but oh gosh her sense of fashion is nice TwT and she looks extremely good in most of them. Why aren’t there pretty and affordable clothes here dammit!!

Her outfit during Lily’s sweet 16th.

Very very cute dress during the lobster dinner~ >o<

Her beach dress! *squeals*

Men Wear Sexy Underwear Too!

Omg crap my wishlist is increasing after flipping through Cleo 8D but at least it’s not mission-impossible stuff lol. Love this months issue cuz there’s a lot of samples 8D particularly the Anna Sui foundation~~ ❤ Have to snag it quickly on Monday.

Dinner at Taman Connought today. This row of shops had 10 restaurants lol. Tough competition *_*b

Once you step in, they attempt to make you die from hunger or place your order quickly to not waste their time by filling their walls with pictures of their food! *gets bonked* The bill came up to RM119 with 5 dishes: veggie, beancurd, intestines, herbal chicken and asam fish. Tad expensive but worth it.

September issue of Cleo features Beyonce on the cover. Boy, she looks so fair in this picture, I barely recognize her x_x. Inside is a Maybelline miniature lipstick sample and a sachet of Elseve’s night serum =D

See how tiny it is! lol I’m so afraid to apply it directly to my lips in case it snaps off @A@. Will prolly use a brush for this.

Oh gosh! 8D I saw this at the night market today HAHAHAH!!!

And because I’m ME, I snapped a close up pic *howls with laughter* Wonder which guy will get this as a present from me >D and no it won’t be Jared lol.

On Friday my lecturer brought in a speaker from 95% Advertising Academy to give a talk on inspirational ads and hoping to guide us to inspire creativity. The examples he gave were excellent and I really enjoyed the session but looking at Malaysian mindset and super strict laws, it’s highly unlikely these ideas can be successful in Malaysia =/ Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the talk.

Very tempted to cook lately bot somehow most of the stuff I stumble on are very expensive =A=;; First I thought of making Lasagna but the price of the cheeses + meat sauce ingredients already reached more than RM50. Then I thought of making a casserole dish since it’s just dumping most of the stuff in and let the microwave do the rest but my oven uses a lot of electricity and it’s no joke baking the dish for over an hour with it D8 plus my mum hates cheese *sigh* My kitchen is not really well equipped with ingredients since we hardly cook =.=;; and I don’t wanna invest in those western spices cuz they’re costly and my dad won’t use any of them in his cooking. I already have basil and oregano rotting in the cupboard for months and I only used it once during my demonstrative speech which was over a year ago.


Pictures dating back to 2 weeks ago @_@ This is how lazy I am x_X

This… thing~ >o< was just outside my college gate. Kept meowing and backing away from everyone DX

Eric’s corgi that we all molested. The paws are so cute like its wearing socks ❤

Domo-kun invasion @A@\

I suddenly feel like baking or cooking something this weekend since I’ve got no plans this weekend. Now just combing through recipes…

Updates #199

It was suppose to be a backlog entry of pictures but ImageShack is down at the moment =(

I’m applying for another job which has a better pay than Starbucks. Hopefully I get it. The hours fit my preference (more to my mum’s preference =.=) but I’ve yet to find out about the minimum working days.

AniCom announcement is up and I’m not sure whether to join both Karaoke and Cosplay or just the Karaoke competition x_X I tried singing the chorus of Paint My Love by MLTR and I suck 8D;; Just tried singing to see what song suits me. Dare not post here cuz malu D8 so if you wanna hear it, you know where to find me.

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