KL Tourists We Are!

Yesterday we took Miriam around KL. Some of the places we visited:

  1. Nasi Lemak store at KJ
  2. National Mosque
  3. Old KL Train Station
  4. New KL Train Station (KL Sentral)
  5. Setapak Hot Springs
  6. GSC Cinema, Times Square! XD;;

God knows for some unknown reason, I was just so tired for the first half of the day =( My day has barely started and I’m tired T_T;; and yes we took a tourist to go watch movie hahahaa. We watched HP6 and it’s just sad to me D8. It’s full of snogging and love dorama between the 3 main characters but Luna Lovegood is so adorable!!! 8D

People have been very spiteful lately and it’s really getting on my nerves… have a cat..

Kiraneko’s cat XD;; Looks like oversized Siamese cat haha

How can this beeeeeee *jealous* cis! XD;; You owe me Tiramisu cake from Just Heavenly! =D


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