*curses Citibank* I just flipped through the promotions booklet that just came in today and saw that there was 50% off Bayview Hotel for Melaka and KL. Gods… the Superior room is only RM264, minus the 50% discount, it’s the same amount I’m paying for my current hotel! *curses*

BMW doggie *o* Twice I saw this fella and twice I found it hanging around the BMW showroom at E-Curve XD

Went to E-Curve to try on a costume for work. The costume fits, except for the sash D8. Dang, the previous person is dang thin T_T;; *feels fat* and the boots fit (how can it not?! It’s like PCK boots only with lace-ups this time) Then had to rush to Kl Sentral to pick dad and we head to Kepong.

Spent 5 agonizing hours waiting for the tinting D8 cuz they had to rip the old tinting out. It’s in Laman Rimbunan and Carefour was a good 15mins walk away D8 guh. Good thing too, cuz I found my thick stockings at Sawks rofl. Expensive (RM23.40) but I needed it by Monday x_X;; My old one ripped sometime in May thanks to my sharp nails.

Sneaked into PetsMore and took a pic of this GR *cuddles*

Food for the whole day totally sucked… Brunch was Nasi Lemak and the sambal was nothing but spicy >_>;; Ate Spicy Nasi Goreng at Kepong later and it was just rice + egg + meat + chilli = tasteless crap wtf. The worst was my dad’s mixed noodles. My stomach did some extreme flip flops when I took a sip of the soup. I’m not a person who complains much when it comes to eating. I can just drink those soups at the mixed rice stalls where it tastes nothing but water with pepper and you won’t hear a word from me. *grumbles* gods, today’s meals are a total horror till I just can’t bear to eat dinner grrr. Someone cook for me please *cries*.

August issue of Cleo has Herbal Essence conditioner sample (60ml) ❤ in Raspberry. The smell is so strong that Jared’s car smells of Raspberry now 8D;; I’ve been meaning to try this shampoo but it’s expensive. RM14+ for 250ml if not mistaken =(

There’s a ~H2O+, Stagecolor, Algotherm Warehouse Sale at 1U from 29th July till 1st August. Must get H20’s Raspberry Guava range *_*

…I didn’t mean to have a long entry for today D8;;


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