Tea Meeting

She was THAT bored lol

The tea meeting was a bit of a bore, I was ‘fishing’ throughout the talk. Boring shit on how to tackle interviews bla bla bla. Good thing there was food or I would’ve died T_T;; then the reps Soft Skills Dept came and droned on about how good is soft skills for us and their point & certification system just to encourage us to join.

Honestly, the skills are expensive and I feel like I’m just buying the certs just to make my resume look pretty. Each course ranges between RM80-100 and we can claim between 15-20 points for each course we participate. Once you’ve gathered 115-120 points, you will be awarded with a cert which can be added into your resume. The difference is, public universities are awarding these certs to students who participate in these activities which are compulsory in their campus. UTAR however doesn’t make it compulsory, you just gotta buy the dang cert =.=

After the tea meeting, discovered that classes were cancelled that means I was free for the day @@;; so went to meet up with Jared. Waited for the bus for ages which resulted with Sylvene camwhoring the whole time at the bus stop and in the bus. Got to watch Ice Age 3 and it was much better than my experience with Public Enemies XD;;

Oh yes, I’m back in Pangya lol. Joined it just to get resources for Kooh. They have a download manager just for the exe file which makes things much faster X3.

1 Comment

  1. SyLVene said,

    July 20, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    budak ni!!! speechless la..

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