Blue Sunday

Watched Public Enemies today with King since I was darn bored and everyone was away =( and I have to say…


Oh no the actors didn’t suck. The storyline and filming did. The filming was done as though it was a poorly made documentary. Don’t know whether that’s the style they want but it gave me that impression. I was so distracted by that throughout the whole movie and it’s not funny considering I’m not the observant type =(. Only thing I enjoyed was the Heineken ad in the cinema…

After that, we went for tea at San Terri. Their selection of cakes look so good TwT. I forgot to take pics of the tiramisu cake >o< but didn’t order the cake cuz broke desu TwT;; People owe me money till I can’t even pay Audrey her RM10! >A< So we only had the 1001 Night Tea which is a combo of Green and Black tea + Sunflower and Strawberries.

Today was the last day for the Shu Uemura roadshow~~ *squeals~!!!* One thing I like about MidValley is that the cosmetic roadshows give samples and free makeovers! *_*b. The last time I went, there was a Kanebo roadshow and visitors can get free skin consultation and a sample pack of their skin care set that suits your skin ^o^~ This time Shu Uemura had this game where you spin the wheel and you’ll get samples depending on where the wheel stops at XD;; so I got Shu’s toner and some eye cream XD~ Was hoping to get their cleansing oil but hey~ can’t complain with freebies~ 8D


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