Makeup Rant

CURSES!!!! *flips table*

Pressure as a student =w=\ No marnee and there’s lots of warehouse sales going on and I’m tempted to try so many products. Firstly is the Vichy cleanser, it’s the first time the organizers are putting Vichy in their warehouse sales. Hopefully King can bag it in time cuz I suspect it’ll be gone by the first 30mins just like the Elseve products.

Benefit Warehouse Sale is back too, horribly ridiculous since their last sale was in November 08 (around there) >o< I want Boing and Some Kind-a Gorgeous x_X I can give up on Benetint and Dandelion since high chance they won’t be selling it at warehouse sale =3=;;

Lastly is the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale oh gods the list of stuff I want from there is endless! =w=\ I still haven’t include the stuff I’m planning to get from Skin Food and Maybelline…


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