Negative Energy Begone!

I never liked ‘family’ trips… cuz they always ended up in arguments. Silly, pointless, stupid arguments. They get me so pissed, I just feel like ramming the car into a 14-wheeler and just let everyone die then there will be less annoying people in the world. talk about being a hypocrite, the bitch is the worst of all.

Saturday was a hectic 1 day trip to Ipoh. Got up at a bloody 5am. I guess I should be thankful she didn’t make an even more stupid decision of staying there for a few days.

Early morning Dim Sum at 10am in Ipoh

Big fat ducks at the orchard in Tambun

The tree opposite my grandma’s house :DI

I forsee college’s gonna be hectic for me soon especially with 2 design subjects. Animation being my weakest *groans* I should start sleeping at a proper time if I wanna stay focused during my lectures. Last night was a bad example DX


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