Hunting List

Things I need to get by September. If you guys see any of these, so poke me on it.

  1. Leather short pants
  2. Body-fitting turtleneck or
  3. Bareback/lace-up top
  4. Boots, shin length preferably and will look awesome for my height and size

Spreading the Love of Comics

Firstly let me summarize my anger into one sentence.

When I say NO, I fucking mean it goddamit.

Damage is done and I’ll just have to live with the humiliation hovering over me for the next few days =_=.

I was living off this since Tuesday due to my Flash instead of BOSS latte since I get some hard coffee residue at the bottom of the can whenever I drink BOSS >_o. The Dutch Lady one was good until I started wondering why isn’t it effective compared to BOSS >_> then I noticed the small print at the bottom of the can ‘coffee flavored milk’ WTF kena cheated >o<

Then the other day Sylvene asked me to bring some comics for her in exchange for the books so I brought Junjou Romantica. The most awesome part is she didn’t know it was a BL manga until one of our guy classmates pointed it out.

ChanWei: That’s a gay book!
Sylvene: *looks at me* Har?! This is gay book ar?!
Me: I thought with the 2 guys on the cover and the parental advisory logo, it’d be obvious >3<
Sylvene: Can be girl ma! Looks like girl.
Me: The question is how did Chan Wei even know it’s a gay comic >_>;;

The question still remains unanswered and it’s just so funny how she flipped through the book and mentioned the absence of breasts on the character *facepalms*

This cat is fat and has very nice prints >o<;;

Goddamit when will this book be on discout T_T *begs and paws*

Flash Till You Bleed

2 assignments handed in~ =) and I manage to survive the day on 2 cans ofDutch Lady Latte and 1 can of BOSS. Sad to say they both fail at keeping me up till evening x_X. I hate the way I work. I’ll normally start bit my bit and I’ll complete 2/3 of the project on the day before the dateline >_>;; Especially when it involves anything that requires me to use Adobe, I’ll be sitting at the PC for up to 24 hours straight DX. It’s good that I can focus but damn the last minute habit of mine =w=;;

This is one habit that’s difficult to change cuz my output is at its best when I’m stressed and cornered…

Makeup Rant

CURSES!!!! *flips table*

Pressure as a student =w=\ No marnee and there’s lots of warehouse sales going on and I’m tempted to try so many products. Firstly is the Vichy cleanser, it’s the first time the organizers are putting Vichy in their warehouse sales. Hopefully King can bag it in time cuz I suspect it’ll be gone by the first 30mins just like the Elseve products.

Benefit Warehouse Sale is back too, horribly ridiculous since their last sale was in November 08 (around there) >o< I want Boing and Some Kind-a Gorgeous x_X I can give up on Benetint and Dandelion since high chance they won’t be selling it at warehouse sale =3=;;

Lastly is the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale oh gods the list of stuff I want from there is endless! =w=\ I still haven’t include the stuff I’m planning to get from Skin Food and Maybelline…


So I Went To His House To Work

Yes as many of you know I crashed my whole Mac PC. First I crashed the OS then the harddisk went to seppuku too =w=;;; All in less than 24 hours. It’s weird how my Fujitsu laptop withstand my daily abusing and has not went for any servicing or repairing for 4 years yet my Mac fell apart in 2 years and I don’t use it often mind you.

So since I’m Mac-less and all 4 PC’s in the house have no Flash or Photoshop, I went to Jared’s house to complete some of my work and lo behold there was a distraction! >o</

“Push me and you watch it!” How can I?! ;o;

So… I cuddled it and kept it warm the whole morning/afternoon TwT;;;

Exercise? I do get it!

After much trolling I finally found out how to get those darned Estee Lauder invites for their Staff Sale. Thanks to Audrey, we have the invites XD! All that’s left is to prepare for the sale both physically and mentally. Crowd can go all the way to the streets by 8.30am. Don’t underestimate warehouse sales >o< it’s the time where women both big and small, young and old show god-like strength and speed. Really hope I can get Bobbi Brown items XD

Flash project ain’t going to well, am restarting the whole thing back from scratch >< Give me the strengthhhhhhhh

Fed Upppp

I don’t wanna draw anymoreeee gargh!!!! I don’t have the mood and darn tempted to drop my whole degree T_T.

My uber cramped workplace.

Progress is very slow and it’s my fault cuz I was engrossed on finishing Kuroshitsuji but I’m slightly improving in terms of speed >_< My coloring just sucks a little. I guess I should turn in and go to college early tomorrow and continue working on it *sigh*

Gold building in the middle of the city.

Off to bed I go T_T


Bikini Photoshoot
Make Up: Jas and Aud
Photography: Aud and Teri
Editting: Audrey

These look like screencaps from drama scenes! XD;;; especially the 2 last ones. I’m happy at the result, minus the fats D: We’re trying to make it a monthly ritual to do these photoshoots with a different theme each time X3 We can’t be waiting to cosplay just for a photoshoot so yea we make do with what we have XD

Yesterday dragged Jared for some good beef ball noodles and settled a little shopping X3 then rot a little while while waiting for people to be done molesting him >o<\

Sungei Wang’s stage turned into some Hello Kitty fantasy land *cries*

Mandatory cat pic *_* met the fella at the LRT station on my way home ❤

Finally done with my freelance report writing. Now hopefully those asshats are done and pay me! *_*b. First thing to attack tonight…. FLASH DX. There was some progress this afternoon despite me sleeping from 1pm-9pm =_=;;; I’ve collected references for the E -card assignment and looked up on Kota Kemuning for some concept brainstorming =(

Now…. lemme watch a movie before I start T_T

Photoshoot Success

Make up test was a success except that it melted in less than 15 minutes >_> Then it was a trip to KLCC for some business and I was so lonelyyyy ;_;

Lamppost me! >o<

This cat was at that position for a full 10 minutes @@ The only reason it stopped was cuz it saw the fella bringing my food.

…damn that stare… *shares her pork balls with it*

Blood The Last Vampire sucked so bad that I actually regretted going despite it being a free ticket. It’s so bad that I just don’t know where to start. The whole movie production was so poor it’s as though the crew were working on a VERY tight budget.

These Thick Walls

I will get past this! I know I can and I know I will!


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