Strawberry Day~

Yesterday I got the taste of how evil people can be =(. I tripped down the stairs of Cineleisure and the couple who was sitting on the stairs was just staring at me. Well I don’t mind the stare honestly… until the bitch opened her mouth… “aduh! jatuh! jatuh!’

Gee… thanks for just sitting there and stating the obvious =_=

Nothing bad, just some mild scrapping on both knees. Other than that Night at the Museum 2 was hillarious XD and my whole day was filled with strawberry goodness :3


Delectables~ Delicious?

Yay~ Yesterday went to MidValley to try the cupcakes from Delectables, a designer cake shop by Su 😀

Pretty box for 3 cupcakes ❤

The cupcakes come in 3 flavours. Vanilla Ginger, Vanilla and Chocolate.

What’s amazing is the icing used to decorate the top isn’t as hard as I thought, it was easy to bite through. My favorite is the Chocolate, the Vanilla Ginger left a very weird aftertaste inside my mouth.. as for the Vanilla, I can’t give any comment since I gave it to my brother XD;;

Night at the Museum 2 tomorrow!! \*o*/

Shotaaaaaa <3

This is Alexander Rybak


Why aren’t there any handsome men like him in Malaysia TAT *sniffs*

Moments In Life

Toll – RM1.60
Lunch – RM6
Transportation to Sunway – RM20
Buying a pair of Charles and Keith Shoes – RM99.40
Having 2 men follow you to get THOSE shoes – Priceless

Hello my super comfy babes~

Shoes and More Shoes Madness~

I’ve been arguing with myself to get a pair of shoes from ClothesBucket but the price just stops me in my tracks >w< RM160 is too much for me for a pair of shoes D8 I was actually planning to get one once my pay comes in but… hello Charles and Kieth~~~ They sell similiar shoes, much more comfortable too I might add and most of the shoes there only cost RM129.90. I’m most certainly investing in a pair especially when students get a 15% discount when they flash their student pass for this week XD there’s also an additional 10% discount if you can dig out this month’s MYC mag for their coupon *w*.

Happy over the money in my savings, happy that my money plans are not screwed~~~~ *floats*

What’s Life For?

A holiday aka vacation is a time to relax your mind and just laze around but what my parents had in mind of a holiday seems different… Just a little cheesed at my parents for grilling me about coming back late and stuff. The first time I went for a late night movie, I came back at 4am, next one I came back at 12am.

I’ve been setting my time to come back as early as possible in which I believe coming back by midnight is quite a sensible curfew time honestly. They’re seemingly so worried about me being a victim of crime and telling me to look at the crime statistics. Truthfully speaking…. statistics is just bullshit to me. Those are just crimes reported. What about including those that are not reported and the amount of missing people. Those missing people could’ve been murdered in their very own homes and their bodies are just dumped somewhere deep in the jungle. Crime is just everywhere and it can even happen right at home. It’s just the matter of being cautious of your surroundings and your luck alltogether.

I thought with me working my ass off and paying for my own stuff for the whole holidays, I would at least earn a bit of freedom.

Guess not.

Holiday Mood

Langkawi was awesome! Filled with eating, drinking and peaceful walks on the beaches! >o</ I’m just too darn lazy to give a full detail report but it was just awesome, awesome, awesome! I got tipsy for the first time X3. Very weird experience but I’d rather be tipsy/drunk in the comfort of my own home next time >w<

Meet Kacang the resident dog XD Super friendly fella who’s always lounging lazily somewhere around the guest house.

Sadly we couldn’t bring back more liquor. Damn airport rules >_> I brought back tons of chocolates, 3 bottles of minature Absolutes and 3/4 bottle of Sheridan’s. Found Reese’s minature peanut butter cups 3 hours before our flight *_* Bailey’s was super cheap too, RM82 for 2 bottles! Surprisingly no sign of cosmetics at all except for perfumes, only found the rest of the cosmetics at the airport and they were the same price as KL =w=;;

Sunday was out to Sunway for some window shopping and got dragged into playing a game where I had to molest a guy to find as many masking tapes as I can that was stuck on his body ><. Worth it I guess since I got to redeem a H2O bath set from the bunch of vouchers in the goodie bags =D and a free facial and body wrap coming up on Tues and Wed ❤

Came back in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Amazing since my family isn’t one to make such hoo haa over these events let alone birthdays. We ate at Coliseum which is a very old restaurant along Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman. Bad food, bad price, bad stomach nuff said. My car had blessings from the pigeons too…

Their masterpiece after 2 hours… *stones* Trust me, you don’t wanna see the roof >_>;; I can’t reach the roof to take pics of the disaster anyway. Thank god it was time for a wash and service but I still couldn’t help feeling embarassed driving it back TwT

From the driver’s seat T____T

Shitty Emergency

Was suppose to spend time to blog today but some shitty emergency came up so yeah prolly tonight.

Just wanna say I’m back and alive XD

Mission Accomplished

Working for the Nike Warehouse sale was a very good experience. Somehow I became an all rounder instead of just being placed in one job area. I was a packer for a day, cashier for 2 days and rounding the area on the last day. Most of the other part time staff had the same position for all 4 days so I do feel kind of proud *_*. I miss the feeling of tapping the cash and credit card machine XD

Every job has its ups and downs but I remember most of the ups *_* For one thing, we got 2 Nike shirts each X3 as part of our ‘uniform’. I bought a cute white pleated tennis skirt which I dug out from the Nike Girls section x_X but who cares as long as it’s cute and fits me X3 Schedule is pretty free and easy as long as you do your work. We joked around alot and sneak down to buy stuff XD;; On the last day of the sale, the boss treated us all some Sushi King and we could order whatever we want XD

Popped by into Roxy to try a bikini and I manage to fit into a kids sized bikini size 8 =w=;;; Only bad thing is that it’s made for those flat chested kiddos and not me TwT so my assets were kinda squished. It’s like trying to squeeze C cups into an A cup bra

As for those who ordered the NYX stuff, I’m so sorry to say it’s halted for a while as there’s no on going spree for that site but she’ll inform me once there is.

Yesterday’s outing was awesome @_@;;; Came back at 3am which is a new record for me~ >w< Star Trek next XD and there better be meatballs!

Banzai for sweet life~