Lets Do The Crab Walk

Yesterday was lifts, today was squats. I’m being paid to exercise lol, my body is horribly sore now x_X. Yesterday we lifted 5 lorries full of stuff and today another 2 lorries came. I dread packing all those stuff up =_=;;;

The first set from the first lorry x_X

We had to unpack them, sort by sizes, count the amount and stick the price tags.

The amount of Barcelona jerseys we’re drowned in.

The stuff we have yet to unpack and it was already 6pm… *groans* Thank god some of them pitched in more hours and everyone retired by midnight.

Second day in the afternoon. The boxes are replaced with tons of shoes X3

We were literally dripping in sweat on the first day from 10am till 7pm or more cuz there was NO FAN! Thank god on the afternoon of the second day, these awesome creations arrived! TwT

Yours truly also learned how to laze thanks to the guys there lol. Both of us were the only girls that were helping. That’s my sloppy dressing as I refuse to do manual labor in jeans.

By 5pm, we got really lazy and started ‘inspecting’ the shoes for damage 😛 There’s even Nike for BABIES TwT *looks at her ciplak shoes*

A really cool pair and it costs RM400 AFTER discount @__@

Another nice colourful pair XD also selling at RM400 in the sale.

These are just 1/3 of the shoes we have…. *shudders*

Seeya there~ =3


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