Heppi Heppi Joy Joy~

Gosh, didn’t update for close to 3 days which is so unlike me @w@. I’ve been pretty occupied with stuffs, so sorry peeps X3. It’s been a happy 2 weeks for me and there’s so many reasons for that smile to be on my face =D.

Firstly, I got a job as a flyer girl. Something new for me haha. Minus the old wrinkled men leering at me, asking me personal questions and the ‘awesome’ English in the flyers and buntings that can put them to shame, it’s honestly not so bad overall. I just charmed the owner of the magazine shop to gimme Cleo May issue and today’s Star for free hahaha.

Second, I got another job as a sales assistant for the Nike warehouse *_*. Interview is on Saturday and I’m gonna be over the moon if I get it cuz it’s only at Queen’s Park! Adding up the total income, I’ll be earning almost RM8oo from these 2 jobs which is really good pay for some who’s lacking in the height department here TwT Bad side of these jobs is that I’m busy from 21st April till 5th May. Only break day I have is 27th April which is the day for me to shop and have my waxing done :3

Third! Wahaha having so many programmes slotted in my holidays. I love the thought of being busy X3 and hanging out with other people throughout the week was very refreshing.

For the lipsticks…. can you girls wait till Friday night or Saturday morning for me to pass on further details? Thanks dearies~


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