Oh Mai~ Holidayssss~

Yess my report is finished so it’s time to comb the pages for jobs! Some interesting pics I took during my weekend =D

I had a hard time chasing this Kancil on the MRR2 T_T;; For once I hate moving traffic lol. The driver is a girl D8 and there was some ugly football symbol behind =w=;; With all the Hello Kitty crazyness invading cosmetics and automobiles, I wonder what will I see next swts.

Then during the weekend I made some Strawberry Cheesecake. The crust was good =D I’ll prolly hunt those Graham crackers and eat them for supper. My guinea pigs were happy so that’s good =D and I didn’t cause any havoc in the kitchen this time.

This…. is Audrey’s car park! >_>;; It’s so flooded that the leaves were all taking a swim =A=;;

Went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and I was greeted by this sight when I went to get my dose of Chipsters ;_; The last pack of Hot n Spicy Chipsters was mineeeee XD

Now I’ll prepare to troll Cold Storage in the afternoon *_*/


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