Yay~! =D

Thank you, CandyCat, for your kind email

It has been our pleasure to have you on board in RA. I am glad that you had the opportunity to work in different departments.

Thank you for your best wishes and I wish you every success in your future undertakings. If there is any way we can assist in future, please let us know.

Let me also say that you are an extraordinary person. to be where you are today and to succeed in your studies despite the handicaps of your parents, is simply wonderful. I am sure your parents must be extremely proud of you.

Best wishes


No I don’t have a boss who treats me every now and then, we don’t talk much and neither do I get privliges such as shoes or lighters with my name engraved on it or a farewell party before I leave but what I do have is a boss who would spend a few minutes to give kind parting words before I end my internship. I have staff who are very patient with me and a very carefree environment to work in. It’s not a roller coaster ridebut it was a car ride with some potholes along the way.

Putting this up for self-motivation purposes XD Sorry I had to switch my name to my nick lol. On the other hand, Mr Raduan replied my email with ‘Dear student’ eventhough I introduced myself in the previous email wtf.