Make Up Raid

Whee~ Went on a spontaneous outing with Audrey =D cuz I just found out that Stila was having a massive sale and today is the last day. So me and Audrey got ready and reached there in record time >_>;; It’s amazing what sales can do to us girls. Audrey got her make up base and concealer. Pretty cheap honestly, it was so cheap that the price just matches the cosmetics sold at Guardian and Watson.

After Stila, we went to kacau other cosmetic counters. Benefit’s counter is always interesting XD;; Anna Sui’s range is starting to look scary >_>;; We manage to try Lancome and Estee Lauder’s mini dildo vibrating mascara. Ironic that both counters are side by side in Isetan haha. I finally saw Guerlain’s meteorite primer in the flesh and it’s just so awesome X3, one small drop can cover my whole palm! 8D An excellent invenstment.

Finally tried the Godiva drink too (had to share with Audrey or else one of us will be crying haha) and it was heavenly~~~ *swoons* Stopped by watson before heading back and slopped some Maybeline mineral foundation on my face. The effect is good but it only lasts for a short term so it should do as some finishing powder. Got myself Beautilicious lipgloss which is very similiar to Stila’s but much cheaper! Browsed on somemore and found out Majorlica’s Puff is only RM34 so will get that next time when I can try out their tester X333333

Now I have pink glossy lips that taste like cranberries~ ❤

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