Lets Do The Crab Walk

Yesterday was lifts, today was squats. I’m being paid to exercise lol, my body is horribly sore now x_X. Yesterday we lifted 5 lorries full of stuff and today another 2 lorries came. I dread packing all those stuff up =_=;;;

The first set from the first lorry x_X

We had to unpack them, sort by sizes, count the amount and stick the price tags.

The amount of Barcelona jerseys we’re drowned in.

The stuff we have yet to unpack and it was already 6pm… *groans* Thank god some of them pitched in more hours and everyone retired by midnight.

Second day in the afternoon. The boxes are replaced with tons of shoes X3

We were literally dripping in sweat on the first day from 10am till 7pm or more cuz there was NO FAN! Thank god on the afternoon of the second day, these awesome creations arrived! TwT

Yours truly also learned how to laze thanks to the guys there lol. Both of us were the only girls that were helping. That’s my sloppy dressing as I refuse to do manual labor in jeans.

By 5pm, we got really lazy and started ‘inspecting’ the shoes for damage 😛 There’s even Nike for BABIES TwT *looks at her ciplak shoes*

A really cool pair and it costs RM400 AFTER discount @__@

Another nice colourful pair XD also selling at RM400 in the sale.

These are just 1/3 of the shoes we have…. *shudders*

Seeya there~ =3


Nike: Just Do It

Yay 1 job down, one more to go. Went for the interview and got hired =D so I’ll start work on 28th~ During my job as a flyer girl, I got to kacau this silly cat XD.

The most ebil cat ever~ ❤

And I dumped it on the trash can when it tried to enter the complex. No news of it the next day lol.

Got this Lancome make up base for free too~ ❤

Hopped into Teri’s house during one of the days and saw this cute pot *_* *molests* Only RM30 and inside was BKT haha.


Skin’s getting better *w* Most of the rashes are gone thx to some pampering and moisturizer XD;; Thank god I kept some face masks :3 Now there’s only dry itchy stuff on my eye lids.

Being hired also means I won’t be able to go for the MPH distributor’s warehouse sale sadly. Thankfully, King will be helping me get the books I want XD. Prolly The Gift and one of Torey Hayden’s books X3333

Ah~ Life is sweet….. for now lol.

Heppi Heppi Joy Joy~

Gosh, didn’t update for close to 3 days which is so unlike me @w@. I’ve been pretty occupied with stuffs, so sorry peeps X3. It’s been a happy 2 weeks for me and there’s so many reasons for that smile to be on my face =D.

Firstly, I got a job as a flyer girl. Something new for me haha. Minus the old wrinkled men leering at me, asking me personal questions and the ‘awesome’ English in the flyers and buntings that can put them to shame, it’s honestly not so bad overall. I just charmed the owner of the magazine shop to gimme Cleo May issue and today’s Star for free hahaha.

Second, I got another job as a sales assistant for the Nike warehouse *_*. Interview is on Saturday and I’m gonna be over the moon if I get it cuz it’s only at Queen’s Park! Adding up the total income, I’ll be earning almost RM8oo from these 2 jobs which is really good pay for some who’s lacking in the height department here TwT Bad side of these jobs is that I’m busy from 21st April till 5th May. Only break day I have is 27th April which is the day for me to shop and have my waxing done :3

Third! Wahaha having so many programmes slotted in my holidays. I love the thought of being busy X3 and hanging out with other people throughout the week was very refreshing.

For the lipsticks…. can you girls wait till Friday night or Saturday morning for me to pass on further details? Thanks dearies~

Langkawi Countdown

It’s 2 2/1 weeks to the Langkawi trip :3 and I need to shop for stuff badly!

  1. Sunblock!
  2. Beach pants
  3. Shorts
  4. Spaghetti strap shirts ❤
  5. Wedges
  6. Flip flops

Gah I’m so excited and praying hard I get the job now *_*.

Of Lepak and Sheer Annoyance

Today went to submit my supervisor’s evaluation form to Zachary T_T;; then went to check out Cold Storage’s opening day It looks a little unorganized but I love the variety *_*. Highlights of the place would be the amount of instant stuff like instant lasagna (serious… just add water! lol), a very huge slab of Norwegian salmon! *paws* for only RM5+ per 100g and Dirty Rice. Yep you heard it right.

Dirty Rice + King = Dirty Minded King? 😛

Leek overload~

It was great seeing King and Sylvene back again after so long XD. After that was yamcha with Jared 8D.

And he got a very cute cup of milk together with his coffee!!!!

There was a cat outside the cafe. See its lovely silky coat? *_*

Amused yet annoyed, this person has been in my hair for almost the whole week. Amused on how the fella related Langkawi to working situations to friends vs enemies vs trust. Annoyed like shit because the cycle has been going on for almost a week. People ask why I’m still tolerating and I tell them I guess I’m some fucking saint. I have to treat this person as though I’m talking to a 5 year old *grumbles* Now I can’t even rant properly or else… I think everyone can guess what’s gonna happen anyway.

God be damned someone please gimme the strength.

Oh Mai~ Holidayssss~

Yess my report is finished so it’s time to comb the pages for jobs! Some interesting pics I took during my weekend =D

I had a hard time chasing this Kancil on the MRR2 T_T;; For once I hate moving traffic lol. The driver is a girl D8 and there was some ugly football symbol behind =w=;; With all the Hello Kitty crazyness invading cosmetics and automobiles, I wonder what will I see next swts.

Then during the weekend I made some Strawberry Cheesecake. The crust was good =D I’ll prolly hunt those Graham crackers and eat them for supper. My guinea pigs were happy so that’s good =D and I didn’t cause any havoc in the kitchen this time.

This…. is Audrey’s car park! >_>;; It’s so flooded that the leaves were all taking a swim =A=;;

Went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and I was greeted by this sight when I went to get my dose of Chipsters ;_; The last pack of Hot n Spicy Chipsters was mineeeee XD

Now I’ll prepare to troll Cold Storage in the afternoon *_*/

Good Friday Indeed

Okay I didn’t get any chocolate eggs but I spent my day in Kira Kira Pika Pikaness *_*;; I don’t know what rubbish I just said lol. Oh well, keeping this short cuz I’m saving all my words for my report!

Leave you guys to guess where did I go XD

Kids molesting cat is a cute scene XD

I’m awake and the world is spinning 8D

I Shall Not Give In!!!

Easier said than done though especially if something as gorgeous as that is up for pre-orders. Label8Clothing is taking pre-orders for this pretty hairband and it costs RM50. I’ve been hunting hairbands like these eversince BeautifulDisaster came up with their collection! *groans* Oh well will just have to wait till BeautifulDisaster updates in May/June T__T;;

Randon: My make up case should be arriving today or tomorrow 8D and I just purchased a kimono dress (finally!)

To all my single, heartbroken girls. Yea it’s tough embracing singlehood, men can be scums. Just find a new passion to keep your mind off, surround yourself with friends, rant all you want to someone. I’ll be all ears at least =P

Yay~! =D

Thank you, CandyCat, for your kind email

It has been our pleasure to have you on board in RA. I am glad that you had the opportunity to work in different departments.

Thank you for your best wishes and I wish you every success in your future undertakings. If there is any way we can assist in future, please let us know.

Let me also say that you are an extraordinary person. to be where you are today and to succeed in your studies despite the handicaps of your parents, is simply wonderful. I am sure your parents must be extremely proud of you.

Best wishes


No I don’t have a boss who treats me every now and then, we don’t talk much and neither do I get privliges such as shoes or lighters with my name engraved on it or a farewell party before I leave but what I do have is a boss who would spend a few minutes to give kind parting words before I end my internship. I have staff who are very patient with me and a very carefree environment to work in. It’s not a roller coaster ridebut it was a car ride with some potholes along the way.

Putting this up for self-motivation purposes XD Sorry I had to switch my name to my nick lol. On the other hand, Mr Raduan replied my email with ‘Dear student’ eventhough I introduced myself in the previous email wtf.

At Least I’m Not a Drug Addict…… Right? x_X

Someone please stop me from spendinggggggg *screams*, and you would think sitting at home would help you save money. Well IT DOESN’T! T___T I just bought the legendary Dr. Feel Good and Kitten Goes to Paris saving my money by at least RM80 and I did it all by just facing my computer T_T\

Dr. Feel Good helps to control oil so your face won’t look shiny on camera and your face feels awesome until it’s time to shower. Once you start scrubbing your face, it feels darn oily as though the Feel Good was holding your face pores from throwing up oil. Darn thing retails for RM135 thanks to the price hike announcement but I’m buying it online for RM115. Kitten Goes to Paris is a nice cute puff that gives your skin some shimmer when you dab it <3. Good for night events and you can also dab it on your hair =D. Original price is RM135 but I got it for RM73 at Benefit’s website as it’s one of their discounted products XD

I’m gonna coop up (not a rare thing anyway) in my room for the next few days since that arsed supervisor of mine brought the report dateline foward. 3 out of 20 pages, I see a lot more progress is needed.

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