Screw Ups and Cravings

Yesterday, I made a mistake that nearly cost the company a few thousand dollars and a client. It showed how much they trust me (or they’re too busy to check up on me lol) and I feel touched~ I was making an ad for Marriott and accidentally typed the wrong vacancies which nearly threw the Marriott rep into a fit.

I ended up being scolded with so much sarcasm =D;;; Also thanks to my work today, I’ll be able to add in ads I did for Genting, Mercedes and Marriott into my appendix for my final report! X3

The skirts I wanted have all been sold =( boo hoo but they’ll have restocks for the high waist one so I’ll be getting that =D. On the lookout for a new bag as well since I’m carrying my college bag to work which seriously isn’t appropriate and totally clashes with my dressing >_>;; ClothesBucket has opened their second batch preorder for awesome looking shoes. Dang tempted to get those Bradshaw heels but the black ones cost RM160 DX but the grey is only RM135.

Attempting to try kajal eyeliner since I won’t be buying any clothes this month XD;;;


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