Think Ahead

AWARD school Asia and New Zealand programme looks quite interesting, though the process of going through it reminds me of The Pursuit of Happiness. Might give it a shot in 2 years time since I don’t fulfill the requirements just yet.

Weekend was filled with events that involved waking up late, tennis, makan, golf, pigging out, movie, more fun filled crap and boring meetings. Main highlight for me was having a hannibal Trilogy marathon which ended up in such agony since the third DVD decided to emo. All in all Hannibal is so awesome that it makes CSI a show for babies! *o* *kowtow Anthony Hopkins*

Time to plan a Valentine’s surprise =D Who says Valentine is for lovesick couples? Only sad singles celebrate SAD so be a happy single and go spread some love to those who don’t have it. The furry residents at SPCA and PAWS sure could use some =3


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