Bi-Weekly Report

Trainee’s Particulars

Name: <text got nomnom-ed>
ID no: 0702731
Course: Advertising
Department: Not specified
On-Site Supervisor: <text got nomnom-ed>

Duties Performed

  1. Photostating
  2. Bitching with colleagues
  3. Playing DS
  4. Reading relationship jokes on LowYat 
  5. Rolling the chair around office

Main Challenges

  1. TmNet hates us all
  2. DS out of battery at the wrong time
  3. Trying to stop myself from laughing out loud or grin like an idiot at the jokes

How were the above challenges resolved?

  1. Restart modem x10
  2. Bring adapter

Learning outcomes from above

  1. Must spend time wisely to keep self awake
  2. TmNet never fails to be a bitch
  3. Homg I touched a photostating machine! =D
  4. LowYat has nice dirty jokes
  5. All sockets that are empty are not working except the one in the pantry

it has been a very eventful 2 weeks *__*

…….Sylvene, real one I’ll send to you on Thurs/Fri lol


1 Comment

  1. Zef said,

    January 14, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    ROFL~ *bang the wall*

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