Killed and Killed Again

Oh so busy town of Bukit Bintang~

After exam, it’s indulgence time =D Went to Bukit Bintang in a very sleepy state to hunt for a few things.

  • Leather gloves
  • Socks
  • Boots

The end result was:

  • Gloves too big eventhough I took the smallest ones
  • No pink socks =(
  • No plain black boots. There just has to be SOMETHING on each pair like a flower or ribbon or just one stud =_=

Wandered around Pavilion deciding whether to keep myself awake by buying coffee or just continue to walk around like a drunkard. Coffee wasn’t worth it so walking it was. Spent the rest of the afternoon trying on clothes that I can never afford. Found an Envee branch in Pav, bye bye MidValley XD;;

A dress that cost RM809 T__T. Sad as well since they didn’t have a size 6. This is an 8. Dress from Coast London.


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