St Valentine

It’s 2 weeks to the day where the city will be filled with PDA and flying invisible hearts. The Cupids are either restless or mens hormones are just raging as they know the day is drawing near and it’ll suck so bad if they’re alone on that day.

Ever since I came back from Ipoh, some guy friends I know suddenly come up to me saying they miss me and crap and frankly it scares the shit out of me. Asking me out just makes me boil with so much hate. I’m not sure why but I take it as a signal that I’m in no shape to go in any relationship.

Time to plan a spa trip or a cookout.


Ipoh Mali Mali

The Joys

  • Angpows like duh
  • Cats everywhere ❤
  • Yee sang!
  • Stuffed with food
  • Uncle DVD sold us 12 DVD’s for RM50
  • Hawt Chinese boys performing acrobatics

The Bad

  • Irritated eyes and nose due to dry air-cond
  • The usual bitch spoiling everything
  • Bored like hell


  • Grandparents pronouncing Butterscotch as Buttercock….


Yesterday I spent 6 agonizing hours at the salon for a perm >_>;;; I don’t think I’ll ever going for a perm ever again lol. The torture my hair goes through, I’ll just wait until the curls wear off before I do something funky with it. It’s a tad bit too curly for my taste so just gonna wait for gravity to do it’s work till I get my desired waves.

Permed brunette. Well if my colleagues say I look older, I could always say I just wanna catch up to their age during my internship lol.

Classy~ Me Like~

So much for having the spirit of going to work after my gastric attack. I went there after lunch to find the office locked T__T Seemingly the boss decided to treat everyone to lunch so I went to do some shopping and grooming to kill time before heading back to the office. Got my eyebrows and upper lip (hurts like crap!) threaded and my underarms waxed *_* for only RM20 XD As for shopping~

Jumped into Solemate for a quick look as their shoes looked good.

Inside looks just gorgeous and the shoes look so classy 8D that even if I bought them, I won’t have the heart to wear them out. Shoes range from RM120-RM300. There’s a lot of dinner dresses too, sadly not my type.

Came back to find my masks delivered! XD 10 eye masks, 5 face masks and 5 lip masks ROFL

Think I’ll do some eye and lip pampering tonight after the rough threading session~ XD

Joy To The World~

2 things to rejoice about:

  • My published ad
  • Angpow from boss!

The Addiction Never Ends

I’m mad. Pissed to be exact since Saturday but it never stopped me from doing some online shopping. Still, it’s best not to push my buttons within the next 24 hours. Am still hunting for a CNY dress but found some nice dinner dresses instead *o*

Beautiful halter neck dress with a tulle skirt =D but that’s not the best part of this dress.

It’s bareback! ❤ RM55 from Miss Capsicum

Dress from An Old Flame Comes in lovely bright colors. Perfect for summer at RM54 =D

Youtube Trolling

I’ve always loved Hip Hop so was spending time looking for cool dance routines that make me drool and cry cuz I can never squeeze out the time to enroll for the classes.

Flo-Rida – In The Ayer dance routine <– Nice group choreography
Akon – Dangerous dance routine <— Love how synchronized it is XD
Beyonce – Single Ladies dance routine <— *jawdrops* Just beautiful =D I prefer this compared to their improved version. It’s advised not to search anymore dance routines for this song unless you want a major brain break.
Britney Spears – Womanizer

GAP has brought back bell bottom jeans for Summer 09 *o* so praying real hard I’ll get to see more. On the other hand:

Beautiful toga dress from Iccy House RM60 and available in Blue and Red as well =D Pic from Iccy House.

Oh noes, this is no longer a youtube trolling entry XD;; On the side note, one of the ads I designed will be out in tomorrow’s newspaper *o* Nothing much, just a job recruitment ad. Hopefully it’ll give some extra points to my final report! XD Also, I’ll be taking part in helping to organize a F&B exhibition for the SME Council. Whee~ busy~

Bangsar Shopathon

Can’t believe I spent 3 hour in Bangsar and I couldn’t browse all the shops in time! Didn’t buy anything either which makes it sad as well TAT.

The dress that I wanted to try so badly but turned out to be a dissapointment T^T It’s such a pretty color =(




Loved the pattern but cutting of the dress is terrible.

Loved the top but no XS size, skirt is out of the question.

Sunday Breeze

I finally moved that lazy ass of mine to dye my hair! >< The now-bronze highlights are really ugly so time to cover those up *o*

The color I took, dark brown so that my ongrowing black hair won’t be so obvious.

No more obvious ugly half-grown highlights!

Drove to Queen’s Park after that and jumped into the pet shop for a quick look ❤ and I saw this sleeping fat angel.

Would love to have a dog as big as this *o*/

This is so LOL! XD The cat looks so petrified and it tried to pry my brother’s hands off by using its back legs. We were trying to get it out of the neighbors car cuz it refused to move from the pipes under the car.

Can’t update my Bangsar trip until I get the pics from the RO addict.

Belated White Christmas

In all the excitement of online shopping (damn you!) I forgot to show my late Christmas present that I got for myself.

Tadaa! isn’t it so pretty! ❤ They key is there not cuz it’s pretty, there’s a reason for the key =D. Key is in the middle, pic was taken before the alterations. Thank you Round Bean ❤

Today dined with crabs. It was a war I tell you! They were just vicious creatures dying to jump into my skin but I survived! >w<

Guide to fight crabs

  1. Button up, no low cut shirts.
  2. Tie hair up.
  3. Hammer is a must.
  4. Use ALL your pretty fingers to hold it down.
  5. Direct crab to neighbor instead.

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