The Old New Year’s Eve Speech?

If I was asked to reflect back on my 2008, I truthfully can’t come up with anything good. A lot of major bad shit happened along the way especially the first half of the year, the good stuff came in many small packages. If I was given one wish right now, it would be to erase all my memories which pretty much shows how much I hated 2008.

Enough looking back as there’s no benefit to it. It’s 2009 who will be knocking at your door, 2008 shall be burried 6 feet deep and no tombstone for it. Shall be anticipating for the many changes that will come. Firstly, I’ll be undergoing an internship programme very soon for 5 months which only means ZOMG NO EXAMS! XD Final Year Project is also starting which means more research and any small mistake will be fatal. Then god knows what will happen to some particular committee, I’m just praying for a revolution.

Let’s just end this with 12 new and some brought forward from old 2008 resolutions shall we?

  1. Improve results (gods how hard it is to achieve this)
  2. Get a better personality? (tolerance is very hard to come by)
  3. Buy a camera! (prosumer most probably)
  4. Better dressing! =D (girls must look pretty~)
  5. Not to ffk any cosplay plans.
  6. Fix face condition.
  7. GET SKINNY and tone (omg I nearly forgot this, it should be in no.2!)
  8. Juggle work and study again.
  9. Remain silent.
  10. Pick up something to work on (what it is will be a secret~)
  12. Get more friends to lean on. (poor them lol)




  1. December 31, 2008 at 5:42 am

    and i my dear kitten will be number 12 for you.

    • InternalChaos said,

      December 31, 2008 at 2:02 pm

      You’re old lol

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