I Went To Buy My Cake From Hell

WP ate my entry so here goes AGAIN….

There’s 2 cakes sitting in my fridge and I nearly died getting it >___>

Story goes when Zen decided to give their loyal fans a whole cake for free when they purchase a 1kg cake. I was awesome enough to think of getting their cake on the last day of their promotion thinking that the typical greedy Malaysians would snag it first thing when the promo starts. What I didn’t take into consideration is that it’s a public holiday today!


This was the queue 1 1/2 hours before the cakes arrived! When we asked them when are the cakes arriving, they didn’t know either, they were just here because they saw the staff setting up the counter and the rest, monkey see monkey do, decided to just join the queue for the heck of it lolol.

Queuing was hell cuz I was wearing peep toe heels and having my period for the first day. The next challenge was to actually walk in those heels, carrying a cake box in each hand since Zen doesn’t provide plastic bags, my handbag sling on my shoulder. The peep toe shoes hurt like crap and I was wincing all the way there >___<

Went to MAC and bought a concealer. Now I have 2 concealers 8D. Both have different purposes of course. My first one required the concealer to be mixed with other mediums before blending onto skin whereas the other one works as a moisturizer and concealer thus doesn’t require medium mixing. Anyone wants me to do their make up during CF? 8D My hands are itching to try and cover imperfections on the face XDDDD


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  1. silvennia said,

    December 11, 2008 at 11:50 pm


    *fleeeees* XDDDD

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