Winter Wonderland Winteria

I took so many pictures of the shawl because I can’t seem to find the ideal shot I want =w=;;; Today was darn cold as I was on the first floor the whole day. Aircond there is darn cold >w<;;; not to mention having 2 presentations today wore me out.

My super tired face

Thank gods for my shawl, pashmina shawls are awesome. They’re very thin yet super warm and comfortable. My eyebrows are half growing back as you can see. I need them fully grown before I can thread them back to how it was TAT.

An ad I saw at the LRT

There’s lots of ads on LRT’s ranging from eyedrops to food to telecommunications but this is the first time I see a high end product being advertised in the train. Santa brought me an early Christmas present and a belated birthday present today~ Guess what I got~~ 8D

It’s Junjou desu~~~~ 8D

Ashlyn and Shaun got Vol 1-7 for me!! *o*/ I can die happy after reading them!!! I shall go read now!! *floats*


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