Rolling Life as Quickly as I can

I have this habit of squeezing everything in one day most prolly cuz I just can’t stand waiting and doing nothing. Archery at Sunway Pyramid with Brian and DA was awesome~ I’ll most prolly start going there often whenever I’m in Sunway area and hopefully get my own gear if I’m interested enough, their glove is kinda loose for me.

Costume progress if okay, I keep forgetting to buy bias tape for the tailor. Gotta do it on Mon/Tues then drop it at the tailor on Wed gah, more traveling zzzz. We took out Daniel’s costume and cosfuck it kau kau haha.

All hail President Pedobear *runs*

I manage to find a secondhand long sleeve turtleneck. It’s RM21,  it’s MNG and grey to boot! >D Hopefully that girl replies my PM *_*


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