Put Your Head In The Game

Time to take things a little seriously for this week and next. It’s all a race against time. Lots of things to finish and at the same time, my other life demands attention. Just have to divide my time properly I suppose. Checklist incomming:

  • Name card, corporate folder, letterhead, envelope – 7/11
  • MidTerm – zomg today!
  • Website – 10/11
  • Psychology – 10/11
  • AI Himalaya study case – 12/11
  • Style Ranka’s wig
  • Tailor meet for Aud – 7/11
  • Meet tailor for Tianzi – sometime next week hopefully
  • Collect costume – 30/11

Collected my debit card today. Pikapika-ness and it’s thinner than my Citibank credit card.

Collected my pos laju package as well.

After removing the first layer.

Next layer.

Goddammit I wish people would just wrap it in 2 layers and be done with it. Package contained 2 jackets and leggings *rips the rest open*

What are you expecting? Pics of me modelling the clothes? Fat chance rofl *goes molest her clothes*


1 Comment

  1. silvennia said,

    November 7, 2008 at 12:13 am

    I wanna see I wanna see the clothes properly!!!! >___< and pics of you in it hahahahahahahahhaa…..

    zomg you got credit card??? o_____O I dare not apply for one…later overspend orz

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