I Have a Dream~

Of something sweet~
To help me cope~
With anything~
If you see it right there~
Do not hesitate~
It can help you through~
Especially at night~


Tastes so good with every sip I take~

And there goes my dream fulfilled lol! My stomach isn’t taking it well though since it’s my first day of you-know-what but that doesn’t stop me from going for Wonder Girls – Tell Me dance lesson with Ashlyn XD. It’s really such a change to step into a nice homey RENTED house! Even the guys there think differently compared to the men at CF so it’s pretty refreshing too bad they’re all taken! We pretty much had loads of fun =D oh and remember the silly Ultraman video of the 3 boys in helmets dancing?

Well, we had our own version rofl! Vid won’t be shown for blackmail purposes 8D

2 good news when I reached home. My clothes arrived and my debit card is ready~ 8D


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  1. November 5, 2008 at 2:53 pm


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