Petty Things

Again my body moved on its own to shut the alarm so I find myself waking up late for class. Late for class meaning no morning shower *winces* Reached uni and I’m loaded with 4 deadlines and a midterm for the week. Coming home took 3 1/2 hours which is a new record. With these series of unfortunate happenings how can I not feel crappy *sigh*

Rant aside, time to steer things to a better direction by starting to put my alarm clock in different parts of my room every day. Then tackle assignments one step at a time, first read up for MidTerm (Thurs) then design Horizon’s website (Friday), last i’ll worry about the bunting (Mon) and my IA presentation (Wed). God help me by not giving me any crap for this week please D:

Retail therapy is needed this weekend! Shall watch HSM3 then go shopping for a few items. Looking for a white long sleeved turtle neck, summer wedges for my maxi dress and also 4 inch black heels 8D

P.S: I’m interested in ordering cupcakes for CF and giving it to a few people that I treasure as an early Christmas present, anyone wants to order along? I’ll be asking them to try and design Ranka and other characters depending on the maximum designs allowed. Currently looking through their website for their past creations. No longer ordering from Cuppcakes, I somehow feel sick when I eat em. Okay I’m making em instead, wish me luck!


1 Comment

  1. plueonigiri said,

    November 4, 2008 at 11:44 am

    >w< I tak pernah watch HSM at ALL but seeing the trailer for HSM3 makes me wanna watch D: But… I… Shall… Not… Give… In…!!!!

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