Jam Packed Life

Oh wow I just realized my schedule is quite packed for December so it’s impossible to squeeze another job in there =( Right now it’s so blardy pack till it only leaves me a day or two to study for my exams eventhough those 3 papers are so many days apart from each other. Don’t ask me why am I pushing myself to this extent, I have my reasons.

Got my hands on some Anime recently and I’m having so much trouble with mkv files grrrr It just lags and lags no matter what players I use T__T I’m done watching all the avi files ;_; now there’s nothing left for me to watch D:

Also suddenly have this urge to block everyone out from my life again. Letting stupid people know me is one of the regrets I made in life. But that will slowly change…..

By the way…

Say hello to Midnight, my sayang =D


Idiocy and Good News Rolling In

The stupidity of men these days never fail to pop my veins =_= The first one is reckless and a stupid idiot who can’t control his emotions and goes ‘I’m mad, you’re nearby so it’s your fault!’ The second one acts all high and mighty I-own-your-souls-so-your-opinion-doesn’t-matter-la-la-la. Next one is a cheater and a damn liar. The latest one is a Facebook obssessed fella ‘omg there’s no pic of me in your album… whyyyyyyy’ Is there any sanctuary for girls only? The list goes on but that would be a rant. I’m typing this with much sarcasm and bitchyness in me.

With men like this, it’s no wonder we girls get in such a bad temper which gets carried on during our meals. In the long term, we start to get aggressive =w=b

Like this.

Mutate our food like this with the thought of chopping certain idiots into pieces.

Then finishing our plate clean thinking ‘oh yea, he’s finally gone’

By the way….. it’s just a joke. Outing was on Friday, and we had another blood bath.

My internship has been set as well thankfully and wigs have arrived. Life progress is good.

Clothes Hunting

J Card Members Sale is around the corner so I went to check what’s worth to buy. Got myself a turtleneck I’ve been hunting for ages. It’s funny since it’s a brand for tweens and the smallest size which is XS fits me best. On the tag it’s written XS is for those who’re 130cm to 139cm =A=;; while M is for 150cm to 159cm. Went to look for a vest and thankfully spotted one that’s affordable from Agenda. It’s black and has lining 8D so for RM59.90 it’s damn worth, hopefully the price will go down when the sale comes >D As usual I fit XS~ =P with the buckles behind adjusted to the max XD. Must grab handbags too since the stock this season looks wonderful X3!

Can’t wait!

Winter Wonderland Winteria

I took so many pictures of the shawl because I can’t seem to find the ideal shot I want =w=;;; Today was darn cold as I was on the first floor the whole day. Aircond there is darn cold >w<;;; not to mention having 2 presentations today wore me out.

My super tired face

Thank gods for my shawl, pashmina shawls are awesome. They’re very thin yet super warm and comfortable. My eyebrows are half growing back as you can see. I need them fully grown before I can thread them back to how it was TAT.

An ad I saw at the LRT

There’s lots of ads on LRT’s ranging from eyedrops to food to telecommunications but this is the first time I see a high end product being advertised in the train. Santa brought me an early Christmas present and a belated birthday present today~ Guess what I got~~ 8D

It’s Junjou desu~~~~ 8D

Ashlyn and Shaun got Vol 1-7 for me!! *o*/ I can die happy after reading them!!! I shall go read now!! *floats*

WTF Horror

Omg EON Bank what have you done?! @A@ The color is just so hideous for a bank, looks like a petrol station instead! Just so happened to drop by Petaling Street to get some bias tape and I got some DVD’s as well T___T Kyou Kara Maoh and Junjou Romantica. It’s a marathon night tonight! 8D

Anyone wanna accompany me out this Sat? *_* I need to collect my costume and hopefully watch Quantum of Solace. Oh and I need to get a vest too, my work blouses are all too big so they look quite loose and hideous on me now. Most prolly will be getting the BB cream and compact powder I’ve been eyeing since 2 weeks ago XD Ah~ major shopping~

Rolling Life as Quickly as I can

I have this habit of squeezing everything in one day most prolly cuz I just can’t stand waiting and doing nothing. Archery at Sunway Pyramid with Brian and DA was awesome~ I’ll most prolly start going there often whenever I’m in Sunway area and hopefully get my own gear if I’m interested enough, their glove is kinda loose for me.

Costume progress if okay, I keep forgetting to buy bias tape for the tailor. Gotta do it on Mon/Tues then drop it at the tailor on Wed gah, more traveling zzzz. We took out Daniel’s costume and cosfuck it kau kau haha.

All hail President Pedobear *runs*

I manage to find a secondhand long sleeve turtleneck. It’s RM21,  it’s MNG and grey to boot! >D Hopefully that girl replies my PM *_*

Goals and Wishes

Thinking of actually investing in some make up and brushes so that I can study how to apply good coverage on face since most of the make up tends to look cakey after a while. After I saw the results of what those make up artists did to me, I’ve been inspired… The make up they applied was very thick yet it felt very light on my face, as though there was nothing and all they used was MAC and Make Up Forever products. Would just love to play around and find differences between liquid, powder and minerals, brushes and sponges, ideal mascaras, how highlighter works and the whole crap.

I’ve been eyeing some brush sets at Sasa and it’s quite affordable but the one that caught my attention was the Red Earth foundation brush. It’s so soft and godly but it costs a hefty RM79 -_-;; This is crazy….. MAC blush brush also costs around RM130. If I actually collect the brushes individually according to my preferences, the whole customized brush set alone can come up to…. RM300-500 since I’m very particular about foundation, blusher, high angle and concealer brushes. Not to mention I wish to invest in Skinfood or TheFaceShop products and some other brands next year. It’s just scary when I think about it….

Not forgetting my DSLR goal as well in 2009… *shudders* It’s no wonder I wish to work my ass off.

Work As You Go~

Yesssssss my plans are going very smoothly. Exam’s on the 10th, 15th and 18th of December which means I can work for PC Fair! *o*/ I know I might collapse from exhaustion with exams, final year thesis, work and CF all happening in December not to mention I’ve not got any proper sleep or for the whole of November. I can safely say I get less than 24 hours of sleep a week =w= but right now it just doesn’t seem to matter to me @A@! I feel like I’m actually getting my life back up.

I might actually be so prepared if my internship company is crazy enough like other companies to call up their candidates at 4am in the morning and request them to come in for an interview at 5am. It’ll be so awesome 8D

Those bear statues I posted some weeks ago are getting really popular @w@. I took a trip to Pasar Seni today to pop in my favorite pet shop so I dropped by some accessory shop and it was just flooding with those bear toys!

Lookie now they have Homer Simpson >w<

These cost like RM59.90 for one =A=;; and the orange one looks like a mutated Kon-chan.

Whyyyy />o<\

Don’t you just hate it when the expensive products work! >< I signed up for some package at Slimming Sanctuary and they gave me a complimentary set face plan which consists of the wash, toner and moisturizer and it took less than a week to work! The redness around my T zone area is gone and the pimples are shrinking at a very fast pace. Omg now I’m gonna be so tempted to buy it TTATT. The brand is La Peau~ I guess I could spare for a bottle of their wash since they gave me a RM50 cash voucher for their products =D

Tried surfing the net at Starbucks while waiting for Sylvene. Connection is very unstable =/

Light Showers

My day was greeted by the rain and police summons early in the morning XD;;

It’s not surprising to find me up and online early in the morning these days. Sometimes I’ll be up for 2-3 days before I could get any shut eye. Assignments demand too much of my time and I crave for more entertainment than sleep =D so yeah, my bad lol.

Jia Chee just returned from Aussie so me and Audrey went to visit her and her 4 cute puppies~ 8D. The Pomeranian is just so squishable <3333

Goodies she got for me from Aussie! \>o</ I feel so loved right now! I’m just eyeing the Lindt Dark Chocolate with crushed biscuit and truffle filling!

Gotta keep it short, work calls TAT/

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