I had my 15 minutes of fame when someone told me I’m doing so much better in life whereas deep down, I still think I haven’t changed much, only that I had been holding it to myself instead of crying to the world.

I went to Jaya One to check the activities there. Good news is that I’ve found a spa that provides facials for only RM70 XD. I’ll prolly continue my part time at PMG to have enough money for the spa~

Went to check my timetable and boy it sucks bad. 2 of my lecturers last year will be teaching me again this term and they gave me a C and B- respectively…. Gods… of all lecturers it HAD to be Bathi! At least my Wednesday and Friday classes end early thankfully >_< but I’m really not keen to see Ida, Bathi and Lo MW again…. urgh… Seeing old faces won’t give me the encouragement to boost my grades -_-;; UTAr has also removed the Saturday rule so there are courses with classes until 4pm on a SATURDAY >_> Bless me in this damned uni…

Was out for the day with Shaun and Edo. Reprimanded him on some issues and hopefully he improves -_- and something must be done with his breath…..

There’s so many things to watch but my line is being a bitch =( I have to watch DMC, Chii’s Sweet Home, Vampire Knight Guilty and Gintama! DX *kicks modem*

No pictures for today cuz I’m too lazy to extract the pics >_< The dentist awaits tomorrow… *shudders*


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