Hunt for Gold and Crystals

Today was a tiring day as I did the following:

  • Went to Audreys tailor alone and manage to communicate with her =D Cantonese lvled up haha
  • Trophy hunting, big shock at the prices
  • Harassed for the first time in 20 years

Trophies are damn expensive gawds T^T especially the pewter and crystal ones. I saw a damn big trophy though =D

It’s taller than me! \*o*/

I just like how effing straight this is haha.


Satisfying The Shopaholic Virus in Me

I woke up after 7 hours of sleep feeling as though I never slept at all. I hate feeling so faint at times. It makes me unable to think, my fingers start to tremble, my legs give way and all I can do is either crash to the ground or find a spot at the side to lie down and wait. So far consuming food helps, better make a point to keep chocolatey snacks in my bag next time.

On to my day today. Bathi was as boring as usual and of all places, I have to sit at the place with no light D:. So… I spent the 2 hours catching up on my sleep XD;; Sylvene was so wonderful to have mistaken her timetable 😛 Rushed to MidValley and had Pizza Hut for lunch. Service was just terrible….. they sloshed soup onto the sides and on the handle of the bowl and the pizza was super tough. Then trolled down Petaling Street for some light shopping before heading back. The super huge brush I wanted for Amulet Spade costs RM1000… the hell… orz.

Busy busy Masjid Jamek, only place for cheap breakfast from 6am-8.30am. I always buy my breakfast from a Chinese grandma that sells bihun, mee and fried rice beside the Chinese aunty selling soya bean =D.

Flower power! *o*/

This bouquet costs RM40 ❤

This one as well only that all the roses are pink ❤

Pinwheels~ Makes me feel like I’m so free suddenly @@

Then went to my favorite pet shop to molest the pets and this GR was the ‘star’ for today. Reminds me so much of the 10 promises To My Dog movie XD

I like the sand colored rabbit ❤ Wanted to take a close up but I felt the owner watching it so I pretended to SMS when I was actually taking picture ><

Then I went to my next favorite pet shop a few blocks down and I saw this Saint Bernard!!!! *O*/ Its so wonderfully cute and huggable! <3333

I feel so much happier after all this pet therapy! \*O*/ Also, the clothes I ordered a month ago have reached Malaysia, just waiting for it to arrive at my doorstep now! =D and Oh Popsicles sent me an email saying a buyer backed out so the summer maxi dress is available! I’m so happy eventhough my money is flying away fast lol. Before I went back, I also bought one green top forgetting that I’m already getting the green maxi dress XD;;

UTAR: No Choice!

I think UTAR should change the slogan on their shirt. Instead of ‘My Choice’ they should change it to ‘No Choice’ or better yet, for a double meaning, put there ‘My Only Choice’ (said in a sacarstic way) which makes both admin and students happy lol. I got a call from them today but didn’t answer as my phone was set to silent so I called them back:

Me: Hi, earlier I got a call from this phone number….?
Clerk: I dunno who call you
Me: (asshole….. by this time I suspect it’s a company or something) Okay….. may I know what company is this?
Clerk: UTAR
Me: ….bye *shuts phone*

UTAR also made me realize that Stupidity isn’t a disease…. it’s a fucking plague that can never be cured. So here’s a shoutout for UTAR students to becareful of this woman below =w=

This is just one specimen that you’ll regret knowing. Please stay away =w=

After class, I was suppose to go and see my tailor but I’ve been feeling so crappy lately, for once I wish I don’t have to sacrifice my afternoons for cosplay or anything else and just kick back in somewhere new so I made a trip to Pavilion and dragged Brian out for lunch. No pics of my lunch /@o@\ cuz my stomach was just being evil.

Then trolled to TopShop since they were having their MidSeason Clearance and tried on 2 dresses. I barely fit into a size 6 dress T___T

*pulls the zip up*
*flails around the changing room* “So effing tight! I can’t breathe argh!!!”
*takes a deep breath*
“ok, pose! >< *snaps pic*”
*unzips and throws it to a corner* “I’m alive…..! x_X”
Price: RM283

Same kind of dress, same ‘problem’ only that zip’s at the back and it brings a hefty tag of RM313. Oh yes, both dresses are on 30% discount. I’m actually surprised I have no problems with zipping both dresses up since it was seriously super tight.

And DiGi continues it’s plan to eat up the world with their banners.

Sour Day

My day today is just cursed. The weather sucked, the lecture sucked, tutorial sucked, house sucked. I wanna go to the top of the mountain and scream! The heat was just unbearable, I sweated buckets just by waiting at the bus stop 9am in the morning >_>;; and at 3pm the sun was scorching hot till it felt like my shirt was burning my back. My face somehow just screams ‘pick me!’ today since 2 different lecturers targeted me as their answer-the-question victim. Thank gods the mamak area was cooling a bit, not as cooling as usual but it helps.

RM1 Teh O Limau Ais as our savior. Cheap and refreshing.

Pretty business cards that Ms Lo showed us for examples.

More cards (and shadows of people’s itchy hands)

Samples of paper types and more business cards.

“Puh-leeze… if you aren’t gonna scratch my ears, get lost!”

“I can’t believe I’m posing for free… you better get my good side”

Hmm hmm, that’s all for today! >w<


It’s amazing how I was talking to Onini about the temperature feels more like 32 degrees than 27 degrees as said in the weather forecast yesterday and today it IS 32! XD;; ‘Feels like: 36’ That’s so darn right! I’ve been drenched in sweat for the past 2 days D8 no amount of Ice Lemon Tea or Honey Lime can help.

Oh yes pimping a new uber cute anime for you guys~

Shugo Chara! Doki!!

The OP and ED screams absolute cuteness and it’s a very uplifting anime overall. Currently it’s in season 2 =D 52 episodes.

I just realized that CF is around the corner yet I’m not enthusiastic about it at all. If I actually drop all my cosplay plans this year, I can buy myself a DSLR…. take more photos, having more things to write in my blog. Boy, I’m thinking so far in the future.

I would like nothing more than to slap someone actually =( for misdirecting his anger to me months ago. I know I’m suppose to move on and shit, yes I have, except for this teensy weensy issue. It continues to linger in my mind and I just can’t put it to rest T_T. The urge for revenge… I’ve always been a revengeful person =( The satisfaction of him tasting the bitter end of the stick…. an eye for an eye as they say.

The weather isn’t helping with my grudge as well D8

Emo Cats and Sales

I’m turning into some sale freak at the rate I go. Today had to sit through some boring meeting and hear people interrupting each other *rolls eyes* The word ‘lunch’ does not exist. I was fidgetting cuz there’s a cat outside Vincent’s house that’s screaming for attention =D;; After that, we zoomed to The Big Blue House in SS3, nice stuff but no money haha. Was eyeing the waist clinchers but it looks a tad bit loose on me and it’s RM28 >< Left quite early to rush to the MPH sale for the THIRD time lol! Didn’t buy anything much, just an ocean encyclopedia for my mum’s friend.

Ironic that you critisize me for not being able to find a part time job. If only you aren’t so anal about me coming back at midnight, I would’ve been secured for plenty of jobs.

Vincent’s emo cat. It’s quite cute how it hid under the pillow in its cage earlier.

Big blue house at Kelana Jaya =D They have jumble sales every weekend I think.

The crowd is 3x the amount compared to the weekday. The books looked like they got raped inside out kau kau =_=;; I wanted to get the Cecelia’s silver hardcover book but it was sold out. Not surprised since there were only 2 left yesterday.

Sharing some awesome shots taken by my brother =D

The most fluffiest and fattest dog everrrr \*o*/ *squees* I wish I was there T^T I would’ve hugged it to death!

Lol my brother gave the title ‘God’s Light’ to this picture. Taken at the service center. It looks awesome in a way XD

Busy Like A Bee~

Gosh today I missed a whole day of lecture @_@. 9am I had to send the car to the service centre for the third time. Seemingly they haven’t collected the rims so I drove my brother to the MPH sales. Then lunch with Audrey, kicked my bro at Cheras LRT and went back to the service center. This time, they have the rims so they fixed the alignment and balancing. More asshattery happened, my suspension is spoilt so god knows what they did till it took 45 minutes. Replaced the lightbulb in the car with a much brighter one. All in total came up to almost RM200 for today.

Thought I could go home for a nap but was dragged to pick bro and was stuck in the jam. Imagine from the Pandan Jaya LRT to my house too almost an hour when usually it only takes 7-10 minutes. Jeez, people are just so excited to celebrate deepavali aren’t they? Then got dragged to Jusco for some light shopping, got some sandwiches and sushi so there’s my breakfast and lunch =D.

From now on, the pictures shall do the talking.

All hail MPH! *bows* and look at the jam there. The police came everyday and issued samans.

While my brother was picking his books, I popped by Dataran Hamodal for the Zara sales.

People were rummaging for clothes as though they’re free =/ Stuff is a bit pricey and I don’t really like their cutting. I fell in love with a pair of shoes but it costs RM249 DX and I realized some idiot is bending over in my photos zzzz.

Came back from Zara and I saw this in the minibooks section hehe. Total Bitch Control Kit.

Total, the books came up to RM217 including Mama Pat’s. The mystery gift turned out to be a pair of shades. Here I thought, ‘oh awesome I get a new pair of sunglasses~’

Noes it’s eating my face =( so ugly! *emos*

Can be a hairband I suppose haha.

Molested FootStool and Greedy at Audrey’s house XD;; (ok that’s not really they;re names, I’m just joking lol)

On the way saw a funny clinic ‘Kelinik Menusuk Jarum Kecederaan’ …..DO NOT WANT!

While waiting for my car to be repaired, we went to yamcha at a coffee shop. There was a Daschund running around the shop ❤ Uber cute~ Had so much difficulty taking a still picture of it cuz it kept running around like a jakun DX.

Todays haul.

Damn blogging makes me hungry, time to grab the sandwiches.

After They Cursed The Weather, My Turn Came In Next

The gods don’t like me today =( I did something stupid and my keys dropped in the mud for the second time this week. Lets just move on to the brighter side of today =o=. I went for a class trip to Damansara Intan for some project.

Buildings look so much different @_@

We rot for an hour or so, squinting our eyes at the slideshow on the 13″ laptop screen 10 feet away.

Hurrah for teatime and everyone made a beeline for the cups and saucers. Their tea isn’t exactly good, tasted like I was drinking some foul massage oil. I’d rather stick to Twinnings anytime. The sandwich is lovely though I can’t eat it cuz the cucumbers and unpeeled tomatoes are too hard and big for me to chew ><

Now comes the advertising session =D Hot tea served with our local cakes and sandwiches.

Camwhoring came next XD

Obviously I joined the fun as well.

Not recommended *runs*

…….erm… so cute bebola! >< *chases after it*

No Mercy from the Weather

It’s a blardy hot day and yours truly sweated buckets by just walking around the MPH sales twice. Before I talk about the sale, I’d like to share pics of ads that my CID tutor shared with us =D

My troops for the war today! Just kidding lol

Oysters anyone? This ad looks so effing real >< Ad by Maxis.

I forgot the hotel name lol. Just took the pic for the stairs XD

Mr Funny Face brought cake for the birthday boi~~

*splat* oops~ (I wish lol)

MPH was just awesomely packed @_@. Went with Sylvene and Zhe Theng (I finally spelled her name right!) Books were at an awesome bargain price. I spent a total of RM192 XD;; I found Nodame Cantabile manga vol 2 which was a rare find since there’s mostly American comics.

The Tower of Knowledge! \*o*/

Narnia 7in1 – RM15
Abarat – RM10
The Secret – RM48
3 white emo biographies
Nodame Manga – RM9
That’s all I can remember lol!

Sirap and Jelly under the shade away from the scorching heat just after the ‘war’ = Heaven

My car went for another servicing since the guy in charge of the tyres was absent last week. Tyres are in bad shape and one of the rims is badly damaged. So now I have an extra rim from the serviceman while he sends my rim for repair. Reckless me~ Total costs to change tyres and repair rims = RM360. Friday, sending it for alignment and balancing? @w@

My playthings ❤ while the guy changed my tyres.

Listen Up Troops!

This is your old trusty Sergeant CandyCat speaking. Tomorrow we’re going to infiltrate building number 5 so I want all of you to get your asses up by 0500 hours! Pack your credit cards, cash, fanny pack and the biggest empty backpack you got. We’ll gather at PC at 1200 hours, latecomers will be trampled and left behind! Lastly, repeat after me:


That is all.

Class was awesomely boring as usual especially when it’s Bathi + Lo MW for the day.

Morning woes /*A*\ I hate it.

*sleeps and drools*

Are you goinggggg? XD Pardon me for the pic blurness.

Shades is the trend for today~ 8D



XD Time to prepare for war tomorrow!

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