Sales Frenzy

Hur hur~ Todays sale is at the expense of my parents >D I went for Baleno, Cheetah and Bonita sales at 1 go haha. Bonita’s evening shoes are gorgeous but sadly don’t fit my kind of feet. There’s Sakura and Green Tea perfume but after I smelt Miss Dior Cherrie Blooming Bouquet, I don’t like cheap perfume anymore! *gets smacked* anyways….. *adds the perfume on her wishlist* Shall slowly save to get it T^T. It’s RM308 for 100ml DX. My make up box expanded with the new arrival of my make up brushes!! XD Yes, I’ve finally got a set of brushes! After the sale, it was makan time at Sri Petaling! Grilled Salmon nyam nyam~ On to the pics :3

My brushes which only costs RM25

Necklace was RM1, brushes were RM1 for 3. Good deal, yes?! *_*

Grilled Salmon I had for dinner. Doesn’t look appetizing but I can tell you only the salmon was good

No pics of the clothes I bought from Cheetah. Got myself a T-shirt and 2 skirts X3. Started to read Cleo too geez, I’m turning into a chick D8. I have to admit, the quality of the photos I took with my 1.3 megapixel camera phone isn’t bad XD;; Good Nokia~


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