Okay, this time it DID hurt x_X particularly when they extracted the bottom molar. The root was curved o_o;; thats why it was so difficult to take out. I suspect the doc was twisting it here and there which resulted in the pain -_-;;; while the other 3 extractions were smoother. I had a total of 8 jabs of anaesthetic all thanks to the doc who made a last minute decision to extract the 5th molar, that’s another 2 jabs, then I was still feeling pain while they were extracting the 5th, so another 2 jabs there DX

After the dentist, went for the event at MidValley. Blood and drool started dripping without me realizing again. Thank God for my red dress but the same can’t be said for my while jacket >< Oh wells, it’s just blood and drool *facepalms* The gauze got stuck on my brackets again >_>;; and the retail show owners were too evil to lend me a pair of scissors to cut the damn gauze -_-

Left the place early since the woman was being a bitch and I felt like my presence was unwelcomed by a few. Ah well my fault for being a real bitch and snappy at them I guess. Went hunting for my Cleo Sept issue before heading back but they’re finished T^T

I’m sort of glad some are in the same boat as me. Tonight gotta sleep early and prepare to attack my fussy client ugh.


Sales Frenzy

Hur hur~ Todays sale is at the expense of my parents >D I went for Baleno, Cheetah and Bonita sales at 1 go haha. Bonita’s evening shoes are gorgeous but sadly don’t fit my kind of feet. There’s Sakura and Green Tea perfume but after I smelt Miss Dior Cherrie Blooming Bouquet, I don’t like cheap perfume anymore! *gets smacked* anyways….. *adds the perfume on her wishlist* Shall slowly save to get it T^T. It’s RM308 for 100ml DX. My make up box expanded with the new arrival of my make up brushes!! XD Yes, I’ve finally got a set of brushes! After the sale, it was makan time at Sri Petaling! Grilled Salmon nyam nyam~ On to the pics :3

My brushes which only costs RM25

Necklace was RM1, brushes were RM1 for 3. Good deal, yes?! *_*

Grilled Salmon I had for dinner. Doesn’t look appetizing but I can tell you only the salmon was good

No pics of the clothes I bought from Cheetah. Got myself a T-shirt and 2 skirts X3. Started to read Cleo too geez, I’m turning into a chick D8. I have to admit, the quality of the photos I took with my 1.3 megapixel camera phone isn’t bad XD;; Good Nokia~

Magic and Miracles

  • Good hauls from the sale today, too bad the eyeliner and Elseve producst finished AGAIN.
  • Lunch of Nasi Kuning and Curry Chicken = awesomeness.
  • Threading was painful as ever.
  • Concert Frontier is on!
  • Bumped into too many people for today =_=.
  • Thank you staff for letting me play with the Beagle and Shetland Sheepdog ❤
  • An angel pulled me back from the dead, it was a wonderful 3 minutes where I felt the world still cares for me.

Todays Photos~

It’ll be a short entry as I have to gather energy for the SALE SALE SALE!!!! XD

Lunch at Nando’s XD

Reading this while working *sniffs* It’s a good book T_T

Snacks area~~~

There’s marshmallows, biscuits, mooncake, chips! The cupboard is loaded with tea, coffee, milo and cereal drinks >w<b

Office Shots

Calling people is boring D:, most of the time I hear the dial tone or people telling me he/she is not available =A=. I’m much faster at calling people now haha. Made 300 calls today ^o^, yesterday I made 200+ calls only. I think thats cuz today I had to call 40+ people from HeiTech, easier since the numbers are the same. I was so bloody bored that I took pics of my office D:

My PC that has no internet T_T

The staff. The 2 on the right are the permanent staff. The one in the murky green shirt is my supervisor. The auntie on the left just started work today.

Yes… I’m taking pictures while calling people. *runs* This phone is so cranky and emo I tell you!

I forgot to take pics of the snack basket! >w< Tomorrow then!

Some Are Scarred for Life!

Asshari, Poopathy, Wee Your Lee……. these are names that can REALLY make my brain sway the wrong way =A=;;I think I was the only idiot laughing to myself at my table DX. What were their parents thinking?! hahahaha

I bumped into Johnny today during lunch =D Hopefully he joins the workforce! XD We need more noisy people! Their ‘kitchen’ looks interesting. I kept eyeing the basket full of snack goodies XD;;; The toilet is so clean and odorless, it’s a real joy using it ❤

To a dear friend, stay strong! *huggles*

Trolling Out For The Week

Sales are making me uber broke DX. Thank gods for my pay that comes in at the end of each week. On Friday, I’ll be heading out to check 3 sales orz. What I hope to do on Friday…

  • Check Bonita sale at Shamelin
  • Loreal sale at BB for hair mask, shampoo and face wash
  • Bank in cheque!
  • Fashion apparel sale of brands such as Marks & Spencer, Next and TopShop at Ampang
  • Threading at Brickfields, my brows are crazy
  • Buy cancan so that tailor can measure my costume

Work was ok, I desperately need an MP3 player that can last for 7 hours though *grabs her NDS* This is the part where I’m grateful no one has made a splendid offer yet haha. NDS can last for 10 hours playing music the last I tried whereas my MP3 player can only last for a measly 2 hours. Made 2 new friends immediately, Sheryl, a coursemate of mine and Jonathan a final year student at HELP majoring in the obvious, Psychology orz.

Puasa is good, cuz there will be baazars at every corner haha. The Metrobus that always stank of pee smells of curry, laksa and cakes this time. Easy for me to get warm dinner before going back too.

Thank You Pressies

Dad just came home from an Indian wedding and he gave me the thank you gifts haha. I find it unique since I’ve never seen gifts from Indian Weddings. For Malays they normally give some plastic flower with an egg or sweets attached to it @w@ but this is new.

It’s a cute box courtesy from Hotel Istana =D

And inside contains~ *drumrolls*

Heart-shaped chocolates~ ❤

Will eat them tomorrow *o* cuz I gotta get enough rest for my first day of work! =D Updated my wishlist too @o@, added Chicken Soup series in there <3. Now I shall continue to read my collection of sadist books lol.

Short Lived Freedom!

My car is turning into a second house haha. I tossed my shoes to the back this morning before starting the engine since slippers aren’t allowed in the exam hall. Exam thankfully was a breeze (sorta). Lecturer told us exactly what’s coming out only I took him half seriously =.=

After exam, it was 10 minutes of screaming ‘freedom’ then rush to meet up with Shaun, Ashlyn and Daniel for a trip to Pulau Ketam~ =D Due to some delays, we only reached there at 3pm orz. From here I’ll let the pictures do some of the talking for me.

Port Klang KTM, I was jakunning over those 2 things that stop people from crossing the tracks when a train passes by.

Lots of people on the boat >w<

This darling dog helped herself over our leftovers of prawn heads XD Very obedient girl ❤

We had an awesome meal of Buttered Fried Prawns, Sweet and Sour Crab, Claypot Curry Fish, some lala cooked with ginger and Kailan for the heck of having a balanced meal =D The guys were abused as our DBKL as usual but one of them forgot to bring his extra tank =w=;;

Banzai~ our biggest DBKL =D

After our lunch, we took a walk to burn some calories while reminiscing the old times. Ashlyn bought some marbles and Shaun went on a hat frenzy haha. We bought the iced flavoured lollies in plastic wraps that used to cost 20 cents back in out school days. Cheap yet refreshing on a hot sunny day 8D. My iced lolly ended up being eaten by the turtles orz cuz I accidentally dropped mine in a pool filled with those amphibians.

His way of thinking which hat to pick haha

Pulau Ketam has definitely gone through some great changes =D

We spotted some small colourful tiny crabs unfortunately my pictures are uber blur =( Here are the last few shots before I hit the sack from exhaustion!

Ah Poh face ><

KTM Funz~

Mum called later on dragging me to see her friend’s new house then it was another huge meal, dinner DX. Her friend decided to treat us so we called dishes. You can imagine how bloated am I right now D8 and all the guilt I’m feeling for eating so much. There was a nice cat there too ❤ I’ve molested a total of 5 cats today ❤

CAAAAAAAAAT <33333 such beautiful eyes ❤ seriously it took me a while to get her to look up long enough D:

I think some of you might be wondering now…. ‘WTF WHERE’S THE FOOD PICS MAN! I AIN’T INTERESTED ABOUT THE ANIMALS YOU MOLESTED!’ Sorry D8 the food charmed us to eat them and by the time we woke up from the spell, half of the food was gone D: Prolly will get the remaining pictures from Ashlyn. Sorry for the bad quality pics on my blog. It’s only a 1.3 megapixel cameraphone afterall =( I’ll end this entry with a paparazzi pic 😛


Please, just don’t give a damn.

Fuckers. I’ve given up on going for a holiday. Lemme just sit at home crunch junk and wait for the time the bitch in the house to get murdered or drop dead =_=.

Edit: Looks like my holidays won’t be wasted. Starting a job on Monday to Thrusday for the next 3 weeks. Ironically it’s an agency that does event management too.

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