Dating and Lazing

Addicted to Shugo Chara dating sim. I’m so glad I learned a bit of Japanese T^Tb. Currently I’ve got Tadase and Kukai but didn’t manage to collect all the special moments. The only completed one is Kukai =_=;;; the fella likes almost everything I give him whereas Tadase is more picky… he’s more to books and flowers. Ikuto is at 87%, 13% more and he’ll confess to me Amu~

Pets are just awesome x_X My dream is to have 2 dogs running around in my apartment and a pair of chinchillas too ;_; Dream on….. T^T

Getting excited as I comb through the pictures of Danga Bay *o* Beautiful place for photoshoot and there’s a petting zoo!! There’s also a few pet stores worth stopping by to check out and molest XD Hopefully can get good stuff from the street market.

All this talk about enjoying myself when exams are less than a week away T__T


Pissed to the MAX

It’s amazing I haven’t killed her yet. She expects me to ajust MY time to make HER life convenient. Christ, when you need a favor from people, you’re suppose to adjust YOUR time and not the victim’s. It doesn’t help one bit when someone asks you to swear less. That’s like the last thing to expect from a pissed person. I am not shaping myself to make people happy. Can’t accept it, then just fuck off.

People are starting to make things difficult for me. Shit keeps piling in that why I gave an MC to myself from blogging =w= Now onto some spazzing!

I found Shugo Chara merchandise!!! TAT Gosh if only the shipping doesn’t kill TAT Shugo Chara Eggs sold individually as well buy they’re $25 each and shipping is $9 I think just for ONE egg. Amu’s bracelet that Kairi gave her! It comes together with a diary but I’m only interested in the bracelet! Lastly is…. HUMPTY LOCK!!! OMG!!! I didn’t think it would be out!!!! *squees!* Someone pls order this for me!! I’ll pay! *O* ANYONE??? Damn just saw that the user won’t ship internationally *cries*

Too Much Till You Need a Roll of Film

Well, I’ve been hanging out too much that karma decided to pay me back sadly. Details of my lepak session shall not be spared as I’ve forgotten about half of it. My coursework marks were not very satisfactory so I’ll be really pressured for my finals that’s for sure. I finally decided to sell off my nDS Lite and PS2 after so long. Manage to strike some good deals now all that’s left would be a checklist.

  • Reset my online banking pass.
  • Order the wigs.
  • Test the PS2.
  • Thursday: Grab the finals tips from classmates.
  • Hit the books.
  • Keep a large amount of hot chocolate and snacks in the cupboard.
  • Friday: Collect student bill and student slip

Snack shopping will have to be done in early September as I’m super dead broke. It’s a miracle I manage to survive with my allowance especially since I’ve been going for so many warehouse sales.


Okay I think I read too much BL. It made me wonder… how does a guy confess to another guy when he doesn’t know whether the guy is errr gay or not @@?

Went for my dentist appointment and got lost. I somehow ended up at The Curve =_=;; thank gods for signboards. I was practically swerving to get back on the LDP. Dr Subra said I’m adjusting to the braces quite well and they’re gonna pull out 2 teeth on the next visit DX I’m leaving the molds at pale light blue since it looks quite sweet compared to the rest of the colors I’ve tried so far. The 2 brackets that kept falling off will be kept for now.

It’s exactly 2 weeks to my finals and as usual I’m too lazy to study T__T I’ll prolly tackle those CRM questions tonight and make sure I get the formulas right. As for CT, I know I’m a definite goner for the subject, most of us are being pushed badly and yet we’re barely scraping enough to pass the subject. If this semester is gonna affect my results to apply for my internship, I’m doomed T_T.

I seek company badly unfortunately the 2 people that I’ve been relying on, aren’t around often enough to fulfill the urgency. Others are located to far and I’ve practically given up hope in joining them for anything since my access to the car is limited… I really do wish the chains around me will be snapped of anytime soon… Here’s to hoping that the time will come.

Note: Sell nDS, PS2 and Pink Wig. Fix the eyebags.

Catching Up

Errr….. morning…. haha I just woke up from a 6 hour nap. Couldn’t take it anymore since I’ve only slept for 2 hours for the past 48 hours or so. Forgot to switch on the aircon so now my legs are covered in mosquito bites otherwise I would’ve been asleep until the next morning T^Tb Having the room super chilly with me under warm blankets and my cold bolster pressed against my cheek~ it’s heaven~ ^3^

Work was super rushed despite me arriving on time and at an early hour. Trust me, it wouldn’t be like this if they organize their work properly and DO NOT WATCH CHINESE DRAMA WHILE DOING WORK WTF. They told me there’s tons to be done but look at how they’re doing the work… but thank god the horror has passed and the next one is coming.

Lunch, I could say was a bit disappointing. We ate at some newly opened restaurant, Fireman. The name doesn’t come from its food though. The restaurant mainly serves Steamboat BBQ and we ordered the set that was SUPPOSEDLY fit to fill 6 people but the four of us weren’t full after the meal. It was a bit difficult handling the bacon as it kept sticking on the pan no matter how much lard we had. The cabbage was endless… There was a performance halfway through the meal, some fire eater was dancing and shaking his hips like some gay rofl.

Been on Eye Shield 21 marathon these few days, at episode 90 for now *_* where they enter the Cream Puff Tournament, what a name… So far my favorite character is definitely Shun Kakei from Poseidon \*_*/ His dark blue hair with aquamarine eyes are so mesmerizing~ *_* Sena is quite likeable too eversince he revealed himself *O* and slowly getting mature along the way.

Someone suggested me to keep my hair and style it like my current display pic, I wouldn’t mind since my curled ends are annoying but truth be told, I’m not keen on super straight hair. I love wavy hair cuz it looks much more alive to me lol.

And now I shall continue sleeping 8D.

Lepak Rush

The new Hyundai i10 looks like a Savvy to me but there are a few features that I like. Firstly would be the gearbox! It’s located in front so the driver won’t bump their elbows on the annoying storage boxes located in between the driver and front passenger seat. The dashboard comes in next, nice and wide me like *_*b. The front of the car is short too meaning… I can see in front! *o* and the steering wheel can be lowered, not much but every little cm helps! Downside of the car, very little boot space, worse than my Atos D: The seats can’t be raised unlike the Viva. Blind spots are worse than MyVi that if I had passengers at the back, I won’t be able to see the cars behind me at all @A@.

Went for the G2000 sale today. A bit of a dissapointment, the clothes looked old and cost a hefty RM229 for a blouse. The skirts looked ridiculously cheapskate (and cost RM149) that I can find better ones in Sungei Wang or Summit. Only thing caught my eye was a 3/4 sleeved black jacket made from very thick cotton and grey satin lining. Was quite tempted since it’s not the typical jackets you see but it’s too stylish to wear x_X.

Left the place and walked to Sungei Wang and discovered what might be a shortcut cutting through the shoplots and appearing in front of BB Plaza. Had lunch in Kim Gary then shopped for clothes and shoes. Gotta start looking at vests and pumps that suit my elephant legs.

On the way home, got a pleasant surprise, bumped into Audrey who was on the way back from uni =D and had one of the most wonderful chats I’ve had in months T_T. Been feeling that I hold no value in the last circle, leaving was the only choice I could think of.

Just got some news from a few imbeciles I’m paired with for a particular assignment. Seemingly I’m suppose to make an appearance at Retard A’s house at 8am. Telling me at 11pm….. I haven’t showered, I’m still not done with the sketches, I’m tired, cranky, I’ve only slept for an hour last night whereas the rest of the retards get to sleep an extra 2 hours and I’ll have to wake up at a bloody 5am. Give me a reason not to sell them to the butcher.

Robot Lurve and Dairy Cravings

Yeah! Went to watch Wall-E finally! A big mistake for not booking as it totally slipped my mind that school children are on holidays. This shows how much I ignore the existence of my sibling haha. Halfway queueing for tickets when the announcer cut off our conversation by announcing that the 2pm tickets were cleaned out. I started panicking as he said the 2.45pm show is highlighted in yellow but lady luck was shining on us XD. As we were looking through the seatings, the lady asked us whether we could chill for 2 mins as the reserved seats are about to be cancelled 8D! So in the end we got quite nice seats *_*

Awesome movie I gotta say *o* though some minor things in there are questionable. Cockroaches shall surviveeee =_=, what a way to spoil such a romantic moment orz. I almost cried during some scenes ;_;

Someone evil was banning me from milk the whole day =_=;; milkshakes…. gelatos… ;_; I had some nice porridge for lunch though =D but really craving for a milkshake DX. Tomorrow, time to shop shop shop! At my mums expense thankfully.

Graphic items not finished orz. Halfway doing some, need to make another 5 more I think…. or 4…. Ganba to me T__T

Warehouse Frenzy

Pity there’s too many sales in the Merdeka Month but I’m interested in G2000 and Loreal sales. From what I heard, Loreal sales is nasty till the point people queue at the entrance starting from 7am o_o. BioTherm and Shu Uemura products will all be snatched within minutes. Pity, was hoping to try some of their facial products and maybe get a set of good make up brushes. Oh well, looking forward for the G2000 sale. Shirts from RM80+ go down to RM20.

Slept at 4 last night and woke up with a bad stomach ache around 6 x_X. It got worse when I quickly stood up followed by a wave of dizzyness. It’s bad too when you gotta rush to the toilet half asleep but I made it! T^Tb Continued sleeping until 8 which was the time to wake up and go for class, 45 mins of sleep wasted on the throne T_T Stomach was queasy most of the day and it got worse during my Comm Theories class. It’s definitely gotta be the milk >_>

But overall, I’ve never felt this much peace in weeks whenever I wake up. Now hopefully I can dive into those 15 sketches by tonight so that I can watch Wall-E tomorrow. 9 semi completed graphic items await me too after the movie.

It Feels Right

Time to leave things behind, just start anew somewhere filtering those who brought you nothing but pain. You don’t need them.

I’ve sent my internship application to HotShoes, Galaxy, Milestone Productions, and Hi Volt. I got added into the list for Fabulous Target but I have to rush them since I need the offer letter by October. Their recruitment only starts in November.

Was suppose to watch Wall-E today but was too tired ^^;; My date was exhausted as well and dissapointed I think ROFL.